Symptoms of HIV In Men

HIV is a disease, whose signs and symptoms can be easily be confused with those of other diseases like flu. This problem primarily exists because a person infected with HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) goes through a combination of various diseases.

Symptoms of HIV In Men

When the virus successfully invades the body of the host, the body’s immunity system immediately responds to the external agent and creates health conditions which are necessary to eliminate the virus.

This is the reason why the patient’s body initially demonstrates signs and symptoms of flu. Later, as the virus persists, it leads to various health related problems and diseases.

That is when the body exhibits other symptoms. But the later symptoms may be different in men from that of women. Hence, those symptoms are very important for detecting the presence of HIV virus and treating the patient.

Initial Symptoms of HIV/AIDS In Men

When a person first gets infected with the virus, he may or may not show any signs of the disease. He may lead a simple and normal life like any other non-infected person. But as time elapses, the patient gradually starts to become sick and shows the signs of the disease.

Whenever our body is attacked or invaded by an unknown external agent, the body tries to eliminate it by creating the signs of flu. The temperature of the body may rise up to kill the microorganism and remove it from the body. And this is what happens at the early stage of HIV.

The initial symptoms may be visible within 2-4 weeks of infection. Regardless of the gender, an HIV infected person may initially demonstrate the signs of flu like

2. Swollen lymph nodes in the armpits, neck and groin area

Initial Symptoms of HIV AIDS In Men

Later Symptoms Of HIV/AIDS in Men

HIV/AIDS patients may or may not even show the initial symptoms. It may take even years to notice the presence of HIV virus in a person’s body.

And if a person gets flu like symptoms after involving in any potential activities that may have the dangers of HIV infection, then the person should immediately consult a health care specialist to treat the disease without worsening the symptoms.

But patients who are not diagnosed with the early signs of HIV may later demonstrate more serious symptoms of HIV/AIDS. Some of these symptoms may even vary in men and women. The differences in symptoms mainly occur due to the hormonal differences in men and women.

Later Symptoms Of HIV AIDS in Men

Common Symptoms

1. Skin Rashes– Men may develop skin rashes on their body. These rashes are quite similar to rashes that may develop a result of any kind of viral infections. But in this case, the rashes may persist even longer than a week.

Skin Rashes

2. Sudden and Drastic Weight Loss – The patient may undergo severe and unplanned weight loss.

Sudden and Drastic Weight Loss

3. Frequent and persisting diarrhea

Frequent and persisting diarrhea

4. White Spots– An HIV infected person may abnormally demonstrate uncommon white spots on the tongue or in the whole mouth.

White Spots

5. Sweating at Night– The person may sweat tremendously at night, leading to troubles in breathing and shaking.

Sweating at Night

6. Enlarged lymph nodes

Enlarged lymph nodes

7. Blurred vision

Blurred vision