3 Stylish Haircuts For Long Hair

Stylish Haircuts For Long Hair

Long hair is a desire or dream of every girl, but sometimes long hair can be a real burden when it comes to styling them. Girls or women with long hair often refrain from adopting any bold cuts or using styling products on their hair with the fear of losing their hard earned long tresses. But if you want to cut the monotone of long hair and go for something more contemporary while maintaining the length of your tresses, you can opt for one of these haircuts.

Choose the one that suits your facial structure and personality the best and get yourself a gorgeous makeover.

Haircuts Tips For Long Hair

V Cut

V cut is a very gorgeous haircut in which the hair is cut in a V-pattern. This haircut looks very stylish when the entire hair is left untied over the back, as then the pattern can be very easily distinguished. Although this haircut is very easy to create and maintain, it looks best on straight hair and also helps to give a sassy and glam look. In this haircut, the hair is cut in a v-pattern, due to which the tresses at the front become shorter than the tresses at the back.

Hence, the hairs at the middle of the back remain the longest while the hair towards the front are gradually reduced in size.Although this look suits all kind of facial structures, it looks best on straight or slightly wavy hair. And the most wonderful thing about this haircut is that it doesn’t leads to much hair loss and helps to maintain the real length of your tresses.

V Haircut For Long Hair

Layer Cut

If you are intending to make your hair look stylish and keep it long at the same time, then you must opt for the very versatile and super stylish layer haircut. A layer haircut is suitable for any hair type and facial structure, but it looks best on oval, round, oblong and triangular shaped faces. However, no matter what your facial type is, you can definitely go for this wonderful haircut as it doesn’t makes any facial structure look bad. Layer cut looks best when it is paired up with bangs. There are many variations of layer cuts and you can opt for the one that looks best on your face. Apart from that, layer cut can also hide a lot of facial imperfections when cut properly. For instance, you can go for side-swept, blunt or wispy bangs to hide your wide forehead. So, just explore the wide range of options available and play around.

Layer Haircut For Long Hair

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Emo Haircut

If you are special and different, go ahead and style yourself up with a bold emo haircut. Emo haircut as the name suggests is inspired by the emotional hardcore punk songs that were sung by hardcore punk bands and which later developed into an altogether different genre of fashion and community. Emo teens often opt for dark makeups, black dyed hair and bold fashion trends. Although emo haircut when dyed completely black doesn’t requires much effort for maintenance, but it definitely gives a very bold and impressive look.

Emo Haircut For Long Hair

In this haircut, the tresses are cut in a shaggy pattern, in which the tips of the hairs are often cut in a jagged way and the hairs are straightened to create the look. Emo haircuts are mostly characterized by thick side swept bangs that fall on the forehead and which indirectly helps to hide wide forehead in the most stylist way possible.

Haircuts For Long Hair