Step By Step Guide On Watering And Nurturing Lemon Trees

Step By Step Guide On Watering And Nurturing Lemon Trees

Watering the lemon tree – a tricky affair? Too much of water or too less of water can harm the plant. Watering of lemon trees should happen with care and checking the soil conditions at all times. Follow the simple steps mentioned below and you should not have many problems. Remember that you will needing some drip irrigation along with garden hose and attachments, mulch, shovels and some other basic gear.

Step One- Installing the Sprinklers

Water your lemon tree by installing the sprinklers beneath the tree, and choose to water the plant early in the morning. Remember that you can choose from manual or automated ones, but either way the flow of water should be regulated.

Installing the Sprinklers

Step Two- Wetting the Soil

Run the sprinklers until the soil becomes wet to about 3-4 ft down. You should remember that soil wetness should be done as suggested or else you will be over watering and ruining the tree.

Wetting the Soil

Step Three- Check The Moisture Level

Check the level of moisture by running a moisture meter, to check if the soil becomes wet enough till the roots. If the soil does not become wet enough then keep the sprinkler on for further watering. However, you have to ensure that the soil should be wet but not mushy and overflow.

Check The Moisture Level

Step Four- Repeat Watering

Repeat watering two or three times a week for young trees which need at least 5 gallons of water weekly. You should also water pot trees situated indoors two to three times a week. For the adult plants you can consider watering after every week.

Repeat Watering

Step Five- Check the Soil Condition

As a rule of thumb, you should always check the soil condition to water the lemon tree. Ideally the soil should not be too dry or too soggy. If the citrus tree is kept dry for a long period, then it will loose leaves when watered again. Unlike other trees, which looses leaves when dry, citrus trees looses leaves when watered after being kept dry for a long time.

Check the Soil Condition

Step Six- Adding More Water Sprinklers

You can add more sprinklers if required so that your water distribution can take place evenly, and in a healthy way. Uneven water distribution would only cause damage to your tree. Monitor your lemon tree on a regular basis and ensure that the tree does not become too dry or too soggy. In case it has already rained, you should avoid using the sprinklers unless you feel the soil is too dry.

Adding More Water Sprinklers