5 St.Patrick’s Day Nail Designs

Nail Art Designs For St.Patrick's Day

A widely celebrated religious holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is known for varied celebrities. Besides conventional festivities, the day is also known for some fabulous nail designs or nail art. Although green is a predominant color associated with this day, you can let your imagination run wild with different combinations for showing off your bling ideas.

St. Patrick’s Day nail designs can extend from shamrocks, green clovers, rainbow, leprechaun to pot of gold or just about anything that has an Irish flavor to it. However, make sure your nails scream green and gold to lock in the spirit of the holiday. Listed below are some popular nail designs commemorating St. Patrick’s Day.

Nail Art Designs For St.Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, French Style

St. Patrick’s Day, French Style

Replace white tipped nails with light green shade. A shimmering green will do the trick even better. Allow the paint to dry. Next, use a darker shade of green to draw a four leaf clover on the painted tip of each nail. Place dark green dots in line extending from the clover to the edge. Place golden spots in the same way parallel to the green dots above and below to complete the look.

Clovers All The Way

Clovers Of Dark Green And Golden Colors

Paint nails in a light green shade. Draw four leaf clovers of dark green and golden colors in no specific pattern on your nails. Three of such clovers will be adequate. Too many of them will make the design look cluttered and ruin the look. Use shimmering green to draw an outline on the top edge of your nails.

The Elusive Pot Of Gold

Black Pot Of Gold On Every Nail

Paint your nails a lightshade of green. Draw a black pot of gold on every nail in such a way that the top edge of each has the pot. Top every pot with golden shimmer. Draw a rainbow extending from the one end of the nail to the gold shimmer. This nail art does not just represent the quintessential St. Patrick’s Day legend but is also dressy and attractive.


Dress One Finger

Dark Green And Gold Colored Nail Paint

Light green background works to be an ideal canvas for any kind of nail art to showcase St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Sprinkle dark green and gold colored nail paint on each nail to form scattered dots. However, paint the nail of your ring finger with green and gold colored clovers. This nail art is excellent for those who have a new engagement ring to show off. So you can make your ring finger stand out.

Basic Polka Dots

Basic Polka Dots Your Nails

Polka dots may be fundamental but they are still festive enough for St. Patrick’s Day. Paint your nails green and place white dots in a specific format on all nails. You can also go untailored and place them randomly. However, try to space them as evenly as possible. The design is simple, elegant and very St. Patrick’s Day. You can add extra gloss or sparkles and make it all the more glamorous.

Green is a very tricky color to employ in nail art. However, when it is suitably employed it can turn out to be extremely attractive. Be a part of St. Patrick’s Day festivities in the most unique way possible.

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