Spooky Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial

You may have the creepiest costume when it comes to Halloween but without a devilish makeup to match, your look may turn out to be a total spoiler. Take a look here if you need the perfect scary face to accompany your costume. Now you too can spook the daylights out of everyone this Halloween! Team up your terrifying Halloween outfit with a scary, menacing skeleton face that seems to haunt you wherever you go! Watch this video and see this girl transforming the lower part of her face into an exposed skeleton jaw. Watch her menacingly white teeth and demonic jaw line that seems to send out a chilling message. All she uses is some black and white cream makeup by Halloween Store along with some matte black eye shadow to create this creepy look within minutes.

This one is a simple idea with simple brush strokes that gives you a spectacularly devilish look perfect for Halloween parties. To top it all, this spooky skeleton face makeup can be accomplished and removed within a short span of time, unlike messy liquid latex that most other makeup artistes use for creating zombie faces and the like. Check out the best of all the skeleton makeup tricks you may have ever seen so far, in this video.