Spicy Flavorful Indian Sandwich

Spicy Flavorful Indian Sandwich

Ever had those tiring days when you come home after a long day at work and your mind longs for a quick recipe which is easy to prepare and tastes great as well? I’ve been through such days, and have well acquainted myself with such quick recipes, and sandwich is one of them. Sandwich is one such recipe which is loved by kids and adults alike. And the beauty of this simple recipe lies in the innumerable variants it has. In spite of watching amazing recipes on the web, I have a habit of trying out my own recipes. This lead to the following very simple Indian sandwich which I prepare frequently. It requires very less pre-preparation and a stock of few items available in your fridge. So let’s go ahead and discover an amazing and yet really simple Indian sandwich recipe.

Here Are Ingredients And Recipe For Spicy Flavorful Indian Sandwich


You can decide on the amount of every ingredient depending on how many sandwiches you plan to prepare.
Bread: Choose any sandwich bread of your choice or prefer brown or whole wheat bread.
Butter:  Prefer to use slightly salted butter or non-salted butter as the recipe involves salty spices and mashed potato fry which also include salt.
Cheese spread
Cheese slices
Raw Carrot
Boiled and mashed potatoes
Seasonings as per your choice: Prefer oregano and garlic flavor seasonings
Chili Flakes


Preparation For The Stuffing

The only pre-preparations required for this sandwich are the potato mash and shredded carrot. Boil potatoes and mash them. Take a pan and add a spoonful of sunflower or olive oil. Once the oil is hot, add mustard seeds and cumin seeds till they splutter. Add the mashed potatoes. Add some turmeric and salt to the mix and fry on medium flame till the mix has a brown or golden color. Keep aside to cool. If you want a spicier sandwich, you can also add a few crushed curry leaves, fresh coriander leaves, chili powder and some garam masala to the mix. Shred some raw carrot and keep aside for later use.

potato paste

Sandwich Preparation Procedure

Take two slices of bread to prepare one sandwich. With the help of a blunt knife, apply soft cheese spread on the inner surface of one slice, and potato mixture to the inner surface of the other slice. Place shredded carrot on the inner surface which has the soft cheese spread. As cheese is sticky, the shredded carrot will tend to stick to the cheese, which is fine. Place chili flakes and seasonings on the other inner surface which has the potato mix. Place one third of a cheese sheet diagonally on the seasonings.

putting the stuffings

Press both the slices together. They tend to stick to each other, which is fine and will help the slices intact. Now apply butter to both outer surfaces of the sandwich and roast the sandwich in a sandwich maker till both outer surfaces turn brown or dark golden. Remove the sandwich from the sandwich maker and place it on an open bowl or plate. The roasting of the sandwich in the sandwich maker keeps it hot inside till the remaining sandwiches are done and at the same time the crunchiness of the sandwich is retained. Transferring the sandwich to a closed bowl makes it soft and the sandwich loses its crunchiness. Spicy flavorful Indian sandwich is ready!

spicy sandwich

Relish the sandwich with any sauce of your choice. You might also want to slice some fresh cucumber with a pinch of salt, along with the sandwich and sauce.