Some Useful Tips To Buy Gold Jewelry

Some Useful Tips To Buy Gold Jewellery

Some Useful Tips To Buy Gold Jewellery Jewellery is a setting of metals, stones and various other articles, in style to match your outfit and personality. It help make a fashion statement. When you think of a piece of jewellery the first metal that comes to the mind is Gold.

Gold is the most popular and preferred metal for making ornaments. The reason for its popularity is, firstly because it is a precious metal and does not tarnish. Secondly, investing in gold is a good way to secure your money, it is a safe investment and its value is almost always appreciated.

Pure gold has to be mixed with other metals to make it pliable for jewellery and its strength is also increased when mixed with alloys like copper or silver, as pure gold is too soft and cannot be moulded. Gold is known by karats according to its purity, and the ratio in which it is present in comparison to other metals.

• 24 karat gold is pure gold, but it is not fit for making ornaments. Some traditional ornaments are made in 24 karat gold.

• 22 karat gold is considered ideal for ornaments, especially in India.

• 18 karat, 14 karat and even 10 karat gold jewellery is also available.

It all depends on your budget and how much variety you want in your jewellery collection.

When you plan to buy a piece of jewellery, you must have a definite idea of what you want. If you are buying gold for investment purpose then you should opt for 22k gold. If it is for everyday wear and you want more than one piece of ornament then even 18k or 14k gold jewellery is a sensible buy. In fact 18k gold is best for regular wear, because of its durability and finish.

Some Tips To Buy Gold Jewellery

You must be aware of gold rate of that particular day. If you are placing an order for the jewellery then confirm with the shop owner about the rate he would be charging, the rate on the day of placing the order or the rate pertaining to the delivery date. It is better to book your gold on the day you place an order by paying some token amount.

Confirm about the buyback plan of the jewellery from the shop. The terms and conditions may vary from shop to shop. You should choose the best offer. Always ask for a receipt and details of the amount of gold, labour charges and tax etc.
When you are buying jewellery for investment purpose, try to select less intricately crafted pieces. This way when you want to sell the piece you will save on wastage. Bangles or simple chains are a good option. Always buy hallmark gold and take a certificate of the gold from your jeweller.

  Some Useful Tips To Buy Gold Jewellery

When investing in heavy gold jewellery like for a wedding, you can look for an interchangeable piece of jewellery. Several jewellers are making this kind of ornaments where you can reduce or add the number of rows in a necklace or ear rings. It will add variety to your collection.

If you want to buy jewellery for regular wear then choose a design and style that can match with a number of dresses or better still opt for an Indo Western type of jewellery that would go well with Indian as well as Western outfits.
You should select jewellery according to your age, taste and style and not because it is in fashion. Buy jewellery to please yourself and to suit yourself.

Caring For Gold Jewelry

Care should be taken while storing your jewellery to maintain their shine and finish !

Keep your neck pieces separate from each other to prevent them from getting entangled. Otherwise the delicate chains or strings can break when you take them out. If you are keeping them in a single box then place a piece of tissue paper in between every chain.

Similarly, keep the bangles in a bangle box, so that they do not rub against each other and lose their shine. Clean your jewellery at regular intervals, especially the ones that you wear more frequently. You will not have to take them to the jeweller for polishing and cleaning, because you do lose some gold when you get it cleaned from a professional.

To clean the gold jewellery dip the pieces in a solution of liquid soap and water, clean with a soft tooth brush and wash with water. Dry them properly with a soft cloth before putting them back. Do not rub stone or gems that are studded in your gold jewellery with a tooth brush to prevent them from loosening.