Some Symptoms Of ADHD In Toddlers

ADHD In Toddlers

ADHD In Toddlers Parenting as such is not an easy task, it becomes much more complicated if your child is suffering from ADHD. The Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a syndrome which is affecting children more commonly, and almost one out of every eleven children is said to be having this disorder. Children suffering from this disorder develop the signs gradually from a very early age, and these symptoms start showing when they are still toddlers.

Toddling is the stage where most of the parents are clueless, and they usually do not even suspect that their child can be suffering from ADHD. As all the symptoms of ADHD are more or less naturally found in toddlers, it becomes much more difficult to make out if a child is over reactive by nature, or suffering from any kind of syndrome like ADHD.

Moreover, as a medical diagnosis of this problem is neither possible nor recommended for toddlers; parents have no other option but to wait until their child grows up to the age of six (as per the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics), to get diagnosed and medically treated of this condition.

However, as a parent if you are curious to know if your child might also be suffering from ADHD, look out for the following signs.

Some Common Signs Of ADHD In Toddlers

Hyper Activeness

Toddlers with ADHD are always hyperactive and they cannot sit still even for a moment. They are constantly moving, running and climbing higher and they are least bothered about the injuries that they may cause themselves due to their hyperactive behavior.

Hyper Activeness

You can also suspect your child of ADHD, if your toddler is facing any sleep problems and sleeps meagerly than the recommended amount of sleep (12 to 14 hours) for the children of his/her age. Even insufficient sleep does not affect their hyper activeness, and these children never get exhausted.

Inattentiveness Or Hyper Focus

Toddlers with ADHD usually face a problem in being attentive. When you speak to them they are not listening to you, instead, they might be focusing their attention on something else which may seem attractive to them. Their inattentiveness is usually the result of their hyper focus, which means that they easily lose interest in a particular activity and they go on switching their focus constantly on different activities.

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Impulsive Behavior

This is another sign of ADHD, and toddlers with this syndrome are more impulsive in nature and they usually have issues in accepting personal space. They are not able to mingle and play peacefully with other children and often times end up being aggressive and beating up other children. They usually talk loud and uncontrollably and never allow others to speak.

Some Symptoms Of ADHD In Toddlers

These children act abruptly without any fear of the dangers or ill consequences that may arise due to their behavior.Apart from the above signs there may be many kinds of behaviors which your child must be showing that are unusual of his/her age or when compared to the other children, that enable you to suspect that your child is affected with this disorder.

However, remember in order to confirm your child of being affected with the ADHD disorder these symptoms must be persistent from a considerable period of time or at least from six months, and his/her behavior should be above his/her age and is interfering in his/her development.

So now, even if you find all the positive signs of ADHD in your child, there in no need to panic as this condition is effectively treatable and your child can be improved by increasing its skills, changing its negative behavior and helping it to cope up with the symptoms of this condition.