Some Post Break Up Tips

Some Post Break Up Tips

Some Post Break Up Tips Break ups are a hard time for men as well as women. Irrespective of the fact whether the break up has been on a mutual ground or not, it causes a setback in life. The challenge lies in gathering oneself together and getting over the breakup.

There are no rules of a breakup. However, there is some post break up ground rules which one should follow to bounce back from the split.

Don’t Dwell over What Happened

It is human tendency to sulk and brood after a relationship has ended. In fact some also go low on self esteem and even take the blame for the split. But the fact is that the more you dwell over the past the more complicated it gets to overcome it. So, it is best to be mature and let bygones be bygones. Take out the positives from the relationship and move ahead.

Old memories

Keep aside all gifts, pictures and any other thing you might have of your ex in a box. By doing this you will not be reminded of him or her constantly.


Some believe that the best way to get over a break up is to plunge into another relationship. However, this is going to be of no help to get over your ex, in fact being with another person immediately after a break up is going to make you compare your relationship and further complicate the situation.


A break up can be mentally challenging and also stressful, so take some time off, enroll into a gym or go in for yoga classes. This will help you de-stress and clear your mind. Meditating and working out improves the blood circulation of your body, gives relief from anxiety and negativity and also gives you clarity of thought and self confidence.


Locking yourself in your house is not going to help you eat away the blues. The support of your friends plays a vital role in helping you get over your relationship. Confide in your friends and open up to then, not only will this make you feel lighter but it will also irradiate your feeling of loneliness and isolation. Plan a sleep over with your friends or have a game night just like the old times.

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Do Not be Nasty

If you have had a nasty break up it is a common tendency to talk about your ex behind their back. This portrays a sense of juvenile behavior and can only contribute to making your break up more ugly. So, act sophisticated and do not indulge in back biting or any nasty talk as it might get to you later.

Plan a Vacation

Planning a vacation with your family or friends is the best way to rejuvenate yourself and get back into action. Get away for the weekend wash away your worries and get set to start afresh. A vacation will give you time to go over things and get your priorities right.

These are a few post break up tips that can help in getting over a broken relationship.