Some Innovative Wall Decorating Ideas

Some Innovative Wall Decorating Ideas

Some Innovative Wall Decorating Ideas Home decoration is an art by itself; the choices that you make while decorating your home should literally make you feel “at home” and at the same time it should look inviting to your guests. 

Your creativity and personal touches should speak volumes about your decorative fashion sense – so don’t shy away from them. Use your imagination liberally, but also remember that coordination is the key.

One such area of your home where you can experiment with your creativity is the walls. Walls help to create the perception of “space” as it is the largest surface in a room. This no doubt works to your advantage; however keeping the walls empty will make your home look very stark and cold. Wall decoration adds that extra bit of life to your room which is so necessary to give character to your home.

This article will let you know about some innovative wall decorating ideas which you can implement at home.

Paint the Wall

The easiest way to give a dramatic and lively look to your room is by painting the walls. The color of the paint should be in harmony with the other elements of the room, like the furniture or the curtains. You can paint the walls simply by using a roller. This will give a plain yet sophisticated look to your room. But I would suggest you to put on your creative shoes and experiment with more than one color. First use a base coat and then randomly splash a different color all over the wall. This will give a whole new look to your room. You can also use an innovative pattern in different areas of the wall and then paint over them. This will leave white patches in the shape of the pattern beneath the base color.

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Add Texture to the Wall

You can enhance the character of your room by adding texture to the walls and the simplest way to do that is by using wallpaper. So flip through wallpaper books and select a pattern like a raised design or a design that is made to look like linen or bamboo. A variety of wallpaper designs can be found in decorating stores and using them will allow you to achieve a variety of styles. So let your imagination fly and watch the difference.

Add Fabric to the Wall

Fabric is an excellent replacement for wallpapers as it adds both warmth and depth to your room. Use starch or pushpins to attach the fabric to the walls.  You can either decorate all the walls with fabric or just use it on an accent wall.

Another very innovative way of decorating walls is to create a collage from cut pieces obtained from different fabrics. This will not only add color but will also give a lively look to your room.

If you have an old art canvas at home you can simply staple the fabric at the back of the canvas.  Make it look like a piece of art by framing the canvas and then hanging it on the wall.

Improvise with Artwork

Sometimes a single framed photo on the wall may not suffice to bring out the desired effect. To break the monotony you can convert the walls into mini galleries with rare family photos. Select the photos and arrange them in a strategic manner taking into consideration different heights, widths and set ups.

Wall stickers that are easily available in some decorating stores can add elegance to your room. Select stickers with significant messages and put them in those areas of the wall where they are visible to your guests. Your guests will certainly find them interesting and will stop to look at them.

So these are some innovative ideas of wall decorating that will enhance the beauty and style of your room. You see wall decoration is not rocket science. It is a very simple job indeed. Your flair for decorating and a little bit of creativity will help you to get the desired results.