Some Common Symptoms Of STI

Sexually transmitted infections

Sexually transmitted infections Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are infections that are transmitted during sexual intercourse. They are passed on from one infected partner to another and can be transmitted via oral, anal and vaginal intercourse. There are several sexually transmitted infections and each one of these has symptoms that differentiate it from the others.

There are some sexually transmitted infections that can sneak up on you and affect your body without a trace and there are those that show up with symptoms. Listed below are some of the common sexually transmitted diseases and the symptoms that they present with.

Symptoms Of STI (Sexually Transmitted Infections)

Bacterial Vaginosis

While this is not classified as a serious STI, it is brought about by sexual intercourse with a new partner or when one has sexual intercourse with multiple partners. This is a silent disease and passes by without women knowing that they even suffered from it; however, in some cases it does present with symptoms. The symptoms include vaginal itching, a foul smelling, odorous vaginal discharge and pain while passing urine.


This is another very common STI that comes and goes without many women knowing that they ever suffered from it. When it does present with symptoms, symptoms include an abnormal vaginal discharge, a burning sensation while passing urine and spotting or bleeding between periods.



Sometimes, symptoms do not present themselves and women do not realize they suffer from an infection. Left untreated, the infection progresses and then presents with problems such as nausea, abdominal pain in the lower quadrants, low backache and dyspareunia (painful sexual intercourse).

Genital Herpes

The symptoms of herpes include blisters or sores at the point of entry of the virus. Depending on whether intercourse was vaginal, oral or anal, the sores will present on the penis, mouth, vagina or anus. These sores take anywhere between two and four weeks to heal.

Painful urination, a foul smelling, greenish discharge, and painful and swollen glands around the genital area are the common symptoms of herpes.


Pain and burning during urination is one of the most common symptoms of gonorrhea. Another common symptom is a yellowish vaginal discharge that may also be bloody.



Dyspareunia (painful intercourse) is experienced. Periods are unusually heavy. Infection that is present in other parts of the body such as the eyes or the throat will present with symptoms in those areas.


Syphilis is an STI that progresses in stages. The major symptom that presents in the first stage of the disease is a single score that appears at the point of entry of the virus. Depending on whether the infection was transmitted via anal, oral or vaginal intercourse, the sore will present on the penis, vagina, anus or mouth.

If the infection is not treated in the first stage and passes on to the second stage, the symptoms noted will include a rash on the extremities, myalgia (muscle ache), headaches, loss in weight and fatigue.

In the final stage of the disease, symptoms will include those that are related to organ failure.

Sexually transmitted diseases are curable. If you are aware that your partner suffers from an STI, it is important that medical help is sought immediately. If you are aware that you suffer from an STI, it is necessary to act responsibly and inform your sexual partner/partners about it and seek medical help for the same.

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