Sleep Problems In Children

Sleep Problems In Children

Sleep Problems In Children Sleep is as important as food. Sleep helps us to relax and gives us energy. Incomplete sleep makes one feel tired and ill tempered. Sleep is very important for all living things. Most importantly children should have a complete sleep. It helps children in their physical and mental development.

Sleep Problems In Children

Amount of Sleep

The amount of sleep decreases as the child grows from infant to school going and to teenager. When the child is born, atleast twelve to fourteen hours of sleep is required. As the child grows and starts going to school, the child requires an average sleep of nine to ten hours.

But in today’s stressful and busy schedule, children are most affected by such problem. Most of the parents face this sleep problem with their child. Let us here view some of the most common sleep problems, the impact of improper sleep on children and the solution to it.

Common Sleep Problems

Lack of proper sleep brings out negative effects on the development of the child and also affects their health. Sleep problems include snoring, difficulty in breathing, dull performance during day time, napping, afraid of sleeping alone, nightmare and fear of darkness.

Impact of Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep results in injuries and behavioral problems. It also results in poor academic performance, lack of concentration, lack of interest in learning and others.

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Children with sleep problems don’t show interest in any of the activities either in school or at home. They feel restless and get irritated very easily. A sleepless night doesn’t enable them to have their diet properly.

What Parents Should Do

It is very important for parents to examine whether their child is having complete sleep without any problems. If the parent feels that their child is not having proper sleep in the night, they have to consult a pediatrician. But before consulting the doctor, it is always essential for them to follow certain habits.

Parents have to make their child eat early in the night and get them to bed early. Parents have to follow routine timing of going to bed and getting up. The environment in which the child sleep is also very important. Parents have to make sure that the environment in which the child sleep has to be pleasant. Parents should also make sure that they switch of the television well before the child goes to sleep.

They should not watch any scary movies before they go to bed. There is a saying ’early to bed, early to rise’. This should be followed by every child. Going to bed early and getting up early makes the mindset of the child fresh and enables them to develop their thinking power and participate in extra circular activities actively. Complete and proper sleep enables them to develop physically and mentally.

Bottom Line

Thus, the most common problem that parents face with their child is sleep problem. It is essential for parents to take care that their child gets sufficient sleep in the night. Complete sleep in the night without any disturbances enables the child in having proper physical and mental development. It helps them to do their day time activities correctly and actively.