6 Effective Natural Cures For Itchy Ears

Natural Cure To Itchy Ears

Itchy Ears are a very common ailment associated with people of all age groups. Though it doesn’t cause any hearing impairment but the itching sensation can really get frustrating & annoying with time & it may also interfere with daily activities. It also proves to be an embarrassment in public when anyone suffering from this, probes their fingers inside the ears. 

Though there are various ear drops available in pharmaceutical store but it is still advised to opt for natural cures adopted as it provides ready relief & also cures the condition seamlessly. Some noted ones include:

Natural Cures For Itchy Ears

Maintain Ear Hygiene

Maintain Ear Hygiene

Excess wax builds inside the ears can be the main reason behind itching. So it is always advised to keep the ears clean. 2-3 drops of olive oil or coconut oil can be poured daily inside the ears as it moisturizes them & also soothes the skin from inside.

Alcohol & Vinegar Works Wonders

Vinegar Works Wonders

Rubbing alcohol & apple cider vinegar is really beneficial for itchy ears. Equal proportions of both should be mixed with each other & then be poured in drops inside the affected ear with the help of a dropper. It is then kept inside for 2-3 minutes & is then drained out. It moves onto the infection & cleans the ear. This remedy is advised to be used once or twice a day & overuse must be avoided.

Opt For Warm Compresses

Warm Compresses

Warm Compresses really proves to be a boon for itching ears. Hardened wax is a known cause for itching. So it is advised to apply warm compresses several times a day. A hot water bottle if kept over the ear does the work. Applying it for 15-20 minutes daily softens the ear wax & this can be cleaned by using a cotton plug as gently as possible.

Wear Ear Bands While Swimming

Wear Ear Bands While Swimming

Often water gets trapped inside the ears of a swimmer while swimming. This trapped water is the cause of many fungal & bacterial infections which eventually causes itching & inflammation of the delicate skin inside. So it is always advised to wear an ear band or cotton plugs while swimming as it stops the water from invading the inside of the ear canal.

Avoid Cotton Swabs or Clips

Avoid Cotton Swabs or Clips

Itching at unreachable places such as inside of an ear canal can get very irritating. People often switch to using cotton swabs or small clips or pins to get rid of that itching sensation. But using those may not only affect the delicate skin inside the ear canal but it also damages the ear drum. Hearing also gets reduced as doing so may push the wax more near the ear drum & hence create blockages.

Use Garlic


Garlic is a common natural ingredient used in every household. If crushed garlic cloves along with olive oil is mixed & heated to the boiling point & then poured onto the ear, then it proves to be really beneficial. Garlic possesses anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties which works on infections & helps in curing itching.