Simple Solutions For Kitchen Countertop

Solutions For Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen is the place in your home where you spend most part of your day. Kitchen is a homemaker’s domain and it is always active with a flurry of daily chores.

A kitchen counter is the centre of activities where you dump your grocery bags as soon as you come back from the market, your kids put their school bags here for you to carry them in their respective rooms, you sit here to jot down a list of things to be done etc. Your kitchen counter can turn into a dumping station if you are not careful.

Solutions For Kitchen Countertop

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The stuff that you keep putting there should not be there for a long time, it should be removed and placed in its proper place. A clean and clear kitchen counter is essential to give you space to work. You can follow some simple tips for kitchen countertop to make your kitchen look good as well as functional.

Simple Solutions for Kitchen Countertop

Create Space by Storing Things in Cabinets

This is a perfect and the simplest solution for a clutter free kitchen countertop. You should store your grocery, spices and snacks in kitchen cabinets to make your kitchen more attractive. You can get rotating shelves fixed in the cabinets to save space. The kitchen countertop will remain clear for you to perform other tasks.

Use Hanging Shelves

Instead of placing the things that you need frequently on the kitchen countertop, you can get hanging shelves fixed on the wall to create space on the counter.

Solutions For Kitchen Countertop

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Hanging shelves with two to three racks are extremely practical and look stylish. These are available in various materials to suit your kitchen decor. Similarly you can get foil and Clingfilm dispensers fixed on the walls instead of just throwing them around the kitchen countertop.

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Create a Specific Corner for Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen countertops get suffocated with electrical appliances like mixer, toaster, microwave, OTG etc. Most of the kitchen countertop is wasted when you place these appliances in a row.

Solutions For Kitchen Countertop

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A simple solution to this is to create a specific corner for your kitchen appliances. You can build shelves for the microwave and OTG and place them at different levels according to their usage. Your mixer and toaster can be put in an open shelf under the counter and you can take it out whenever you need them.

Place Open Racks on The Countertop

If you are short of built in kitchen cabinets, then you can use stackable food storage containers on kitchen countertop to keep bread, jams, breakfast cereals, spices and vegetables like potatoes, onions etc. Do not spread them on kitchen countertop. It will make your kitchen look messy and will also unnecessarily occupy counter space.

Place a Kitchen Cart

For a smaller kitchen, where the storage as well as kitchen countertop is not sufficient, a kitchen cart is a boon. Get a kitchen cart which comes with drawers and shelves and place it in a corner of your kitchen. Kitchen cart has wheels and can be easily moved around the kitchen wherever you need it.