5 Simple Natural Cures For Acne

Natural Cure To Acne Acne definitely lowers a person’s self-confidence and morale, which might lead the person into depression. It not only affects the women, but the men as well equally in their lifecycle. Acne is caused by various reasons (stress, bad products, etc), and people for looking for more natural cures to treat it, rather than going for the chemical based products like previously. Below discussed are some of the beneficial methods which will help one fight their acne in a more natural manner.

Some Effective Natural Cures To Combat Acne


Turmeric To Reduce Acne This is one effective natural cure, which is not beneficial when used externally but even more when taken internally. You can use it in your everyday meals or with milk and also apply it on the affected area for better results. It is a largely known way to combat acne and other skin issues and have been in use for ages.


Honey To Reduce Acne This is as also a very effective method, both internally and externally. A honey mask on the face would help fight the redness and the swelling of the acne. Also, having honey with warm water every day with some lime would be very effective in keeping the system clean to prevent acne and other skin issues. Honey also helps your skin to remain smooth and glowing.

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice To Reduce Acne This is another very effective method which is known to all. Applying some lemon juice on the face (for only about 15-20 min as it is very strong) will not only help dry out the acne and swelling, but also clean the dirt and remove oil, keeping your face clean. Also having some lime juice with warm water can help keep your body clean internally.

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Garlic To Reduce Acne This as well can be easily found and can be used as much as possible as acne cure. Crushing some garlic and applying the juice that comes of it can be pretty effective. You should not keep this for a very long time as well as it can burn your skin. Many people have problem with the garlic smell, but however it is pretty effective.

Vegetable soaps

Vegetable Soaps To Reduce Acne Cleansing your body is equally necessary. It is important to use soft oil based and botanical soaps (vegetable oils) rather than those with harsh chemicals to cleanse your face. Also one with acne prone skin should avoid scrubbing. Also applying egg yolk on the affected area appears to be a good natural remedy.

Some Concluding Aspects To Consider

It is essential to choose treatment right for your skin and it is important to know what works for your skin. It is necessary to take care of one’s skin and stay away from the reasons which might be causing the acne. It is generally advised to go see a skin specialist, in order to detect the main cause of the acne, as it might differ from person to person. It might take a few months but it is important to be patient. The natural remedies are definitely worth a try, as they do not harm the skin in any way.