Simple Exercises To Prevent Hair Loss

Seasonal Hair Loss

Exercises To Prevent Hair Loss Hair loss is highly dreaded by men and women across the globe, so you are not alone if you have been seeing hair on your comb regularly after brushing your hair. You may have tried redoing your diet, having medicines, applying lotions, but did you think something as basic as exercising could help? The answer is yes, it can. It has been scientifically proven that the hair on our head stops growing or begin to fall often because of some blockage in the flow of blood that is carried to the hair follicles.

And exercising is the way to remove such blockages and ensure a healthy flow of blood to the scalp tissues. It is this blood that carries oxygen and all the vital nutrients, the vitamins and protein that promote healthy hair, and when the blood reaches the hair tissues, the hair gets the essential food for survival. A good reason to begin exercising.

Besides, have you not heard someone you know comment on your loss of hair saying, “Are you stressed?” Stress is a leading cause of hair loss. Exercising is a great way to beat stress and uplift your spirit. So, this is another good reason why you should begin working out.

Exercises To Prevent Hair Loss

Do Some Cardio

Doing some cardio exercises or aerobics help releasing the toxins present in our bodies. It helps the skin secrete sebum, an oily substance our scalp secretes.

Do Some Cardio

The sebum is useful in retaining the moisture of the hair and in preventing them from drying out. They act as natural conditioners to the hair.

Rubbing Nails

The nerves situated below the nail bed are connected to those in our scalp and rubbing nails together stimulates the nerve endings in our scalp, thereby promoting better blood flow and inhibiting the growth of DHT(Dihydrotestostrone), the main culprit of male pattern baldness.

What you need to do is rub the fingernails of your one hand against the corresponding fingernails of the other hand i.e. index finger to index finger and ring finger to ring finger and so on. Rub them swiftly for 5-10 minutes twice daily. Rule out rubbing thumbnails because they can lead to growth of facial hair and hair on the ears. It may take about 6 to 9 months for the results to show. Avoid it if you suffer from high blood pressure, hypertension or are pregnant.


Yoga has something for every disease. For hair-loss you may try these two Yoga postures:

Sarvangasan(Shoulder Stand)

Lie down on your back and keep both your legs together. Now raise both of them together till they point the ceiling and you are lying with the support of your shoulders and the back of your neck.


Support your lower back with your palms and keep your spine and legs erect. Stay in this position for 1 minute and then carefully come back to previous position. This pose helps blood to flow to the head more freely.

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Vajrasan(Diamond Pose)


Bend your knees, tuck them under the thighs and sit on them. Do not bend the ankles. Keep your spine erect and rest your palms on each knee and breathe deeply. This pose promotes better digestion and curbs hair-loss due to gastric troubles.

Try these simple exercises and prevent your hair from falling without spending anything more than a little bit of your daily time.