Signs Of Tubal Pregnancies

ectopic pregnancy Tubal pregnancy is also known as ectopic pregnancy. It is said to have occurred when a fertilised ovum attaches itself to one of the fallopian tubes instead of uterine cavity. It is an uncommon condition and occurs in approximately 2-3% of pregnancy cases. The diagnosis of tubal pregnancy can happen as soon as 4-5 weeks. Earlier the diagnosis better it is for the pregnant woman.

In tubal pregnancy the embryo starts growing in the tubes and therefore poses a critical risk to the tubes as well as to the mother. The growing embryo puts pressure on the tubes causing them to burst. As soon as this kind of pregnancy is detected, doctors terminate it. Women who smoke, have endometriosis, undergoing fertility treatment and pelvic inflammatory disease are at greater risk of carrying tubal pregnancy. There are number of symptoms that one can look for in case of tubal pregnancy.

Major Signs Of Tubal Pregnancies

Abdominal Pain

Sharp pain in the belly usually in one side is the most common symptom of ectopic pregnancy. This pain originates in the lower abdomen and sometimes spreads through the entire abdomen.

Abdominal Pain

 The shooting one sided pain may be coupled with cramping of this region as well. If the pain is severe, rush to the doctor as it could be an indication of ruptured tube.

Vaginal Bleeding

Bleeding in the initial stages of pregnancy is also one of the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy. There may be bleeding or plain spotting.

Bleeding during pregnancy

However, bleeding and spotting is also a sign of low placental pregnancy and in the early phases of pregnancy many women show spotting during the time their menstrual cycle is due. Therefore Vaginal bleeding is not a conclusive symptom of the tubal pregnancy.

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Tenderness In The Belly

Tenderness in the belly along with the unusual size of the uterus for that time of the pregnancy can indicate tubal pregnancy. Doctors usually check and examine the size of stomach during a physical examination if tubal pregnancy is suspected. The size of the stomach may look smaller or larger than the expected size for that time of the pregnancy.


Dizziness and fainting can occur if the tube ruptures under the pressure of the foetus. There may be internal and external vaginal bleeding which will lead to heavy blood loss. This condition requires immediate medical attention and may even prove fatal in case of delays.


Dizziness happens because the blood pressure drops suddenly due to heavy blood loss. At times with the rupture of the tube, the uterine lining is also shed which may cause huge blood loss in a small duration of time.

Lower Back Pain

Continuous heaviness and pain in the lower back may happen where the tubal pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on the spine.  The pain may increase particularly when lying down in a certain posture. There may also be heaviness and pressure on rectum which may lead to difficulty in bowel movements. If there is lot of pain then you must consult the doctor.

Ectopic pregnancy is usually diagnosed after a hormonal blood test called HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) coupled with an ultrasound and physical examination. If in the early stages injecting medication will stop the growth of embryo, however, if the pregnancy has advanced then surgery is required.

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