Signs And Symptoms Of Frozen Shoulder

Symptoms Of Frozen Shoulder

Symptoms Of Frozen Shoulder A frozen shoulder is considered to be a cause of great agony for the patient as it causes excruciating pain and discomfort. A person who is suffering from this condition is unable to move the affected shoulder properly. The entire area often becomes red and inflamed. The area also does not have a proper supply of body fluids and this leads to the symptom of stiffness.

This condition is medically referred to as adhesive capsulitis. This condition is extremely agonising because the patient does not recover quickly like most other cases of inflammation. The symptoms of a frozen shoulder can last for several months. In certain rare cases, the affected people can even suffer from this problem for about two to three years.

People who are suffering from ailments such as diabetes and heart condition are more likely to suffer from this condition than normal, healthy people. Apart from this, a frozen shoulder can also be caused by any injury to the shoulder region. Most cases of this condition are treated with the help of medication and certain therapies. The symptoms of a frozen shoulder include pain, inflammation, stiffness and soreness in the affected shoulder.

Symptoms Of Frozen Shoulder

Acute Pain

This is one of the characteristic features of this condition. The person experiences severe pain even while doing basic jobs. This pain is mainly in the shoulder region. The symptom of pain becomes aggravated when the person tries to perform any strenuous task with the affected arm. The pain experienced by the patient is often very severe.

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In some cases, the pain reaches right till the fingertips of the affected hand. As time passes, the symptom of pain worsens. Even the slightest impact or friction causes shooting pain right down the affected arm. Such people find it impossible to lift their arm over their head. People affected by this condition have to make sure that they do not exert the affected arm in any way.

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Chronic Stiffness

This condition makes the affected area very stiff. The affected shoulder is deprived of a proper supply of body fluids and this causes it to become extremely stiff. As a result of this, the affected shoulder cannot be moved as freely as before.

Even the slightest movement causes a tremendous amount of pain. This symptom normally occurs for about eight to ten weeks. After this, it gradually fades away. People must be careful to avoid exertion of any kind as this could aggravate the condition.

Limited Shoulder Motions

Due to the symptoms of pain and stiffness, the movement of the shoulder is greatly restricted. People who are suffering from a severe case of frozen shoulder are unable to move their shoulders like the other normal people. They are unable to perform any jobs which require them to lift heavy objects.

They cannot put even the slightest amount of pressure on the affected area as this can trigger acute pain. The affected shoulder is almost rendered useless for any kind of work. It is important to rest the affected shoulder so as to help it to heal quickly.