Sex Positions With The Woman On Top

Sex is an art which is mastered over time with skills that are developed through practice, trial and errors and through unknown adventures.

Sex Positions With The Woman On Top

Sex can be experienced initially through conventional ways and positions but with time as you want to explore more into the vistas of sexual pleasure you might want to experiment with sex positions and techniques which you didn’t consider during the initial sexual sessions. Sex is most enjoyable when the partners are in mutual communion, intimacy and trying to give the best pleasure to each other and also getting sexual bliss in the process.

Tips For Woman On Top Position

Essence Of  Woman On Top Sex Positions

Sex positions with the woman on top can be much more exciting than the conventional man on top or standard missionary position sex. The woman can be initiating, dominating and she can also adjust the thrust according to her pleasure which eventually becomes exciting for the man. The woman is able to guide the man’s hardness into the sensual areas and pleasurable points which can assist her to get an orgasm. This ultimately leads to increase in the man’s excitement and therefore he can maintain his erection longer to prolong his orgasmic bliss.

When the woman is on top the man can get a better view of her whole torso with her breasts moving to the rhythm of her thrusts. The man can play with her breasts while the woman can keep giving the thrusts thus making it a complete pleasurable experience for both. The woman feels free to try her fantasies and make the man feel pleasures that were hitherto unknown to him.

Deep penetration is made possible as the woman can slide up and down while riding upon the man thereby creating extreme moments of sexual bliss for both the partners. The man can for a change lie down and relax while the woman takes care to tend to all his pleasures and fantasies. The best thing about woman on top sex positions is that a variety of positions can be tried which ensure maximum pleasure and exciting explorations of pleasure points of both the man and woman.

Essence Of  Woman On Top Sex Positions

Exciting Sex Positions With The Woman On Top

The most conventional woman on top position allows the woman to ride her man as she supports herself upon her knees to enable ease of movement.

If you love her back and the curvaceous buttocks then let her sit upon you with her back facing you. As she moves with rising momentum the view of her back and buttocks coupled with the thrust you are receiving on your hard penis can make you enjoy ultimate sexual bliss!

If you have a woman who has great strength on her legs then let her take the support of her feet instead of her knees as she rides on you. This is the squat position which can be highly tantalizing as both of you will be able to feel the thrusts without touching anywhere else. This also allows deep and full penetration.

The woman can form a back arch as her man lies on the side of the bed with his legs hanging along the sides. The woman must sit with her back towards him and take the support of her hands on either side to form an arch while moving up and down on his hardness. However, this requires little bit of strength and practice.

You can create the love seat position as the man rests his back slightly elevated on a pillow and the legs slightly raised as well. The woman will sit snugly with her back towards him and slide up and down in a relaxing manner.

Exciting Sex Positions With The Woman On Top