7 Natural Cures For Periodontal Disease

Natural Cure To Periodontal Disease

Inflammation and pain in gums are normally the attributes of the periodontal disease. Added with severe pain and discomfort, this condition must be treated with care and added innovation so as to help the gums and the oral chambers get cured easily. The options can vary with time but the basic treatment procedure mostly remains simple. Oral health can be seriously disrupted on being affected by this condition.

Medical approaches coupled with surgeries come as the last options for the user under severe pain. Leaving these, the patients can always look for the natural sources and remedial measures as these can help the person get rid of the ailment, keeping the side effects to a minimum level. These techniques are also highly affordable and comprise of better options and feasible techniques. Some of the most effective remedies which are natural in origin are:

Natural Cures For Periodontal Disease

Including The Vitamin C Sources

Vitamin C For Periodontal Disease

This comes around as great anti oxidant which in turn helps the body to cope up with many associated ailments. Vitamin C needs to be supplemented with the natural sources taken along thus by making for a better and effective immunity. The connective tissues can be well repaired on using this option as the damaged ones can also be replenished quite effectively.

Gum care requires the sources of the same for keeping the oral cavities healthy and negates the instances of bleeding. Fruits which are mostly citric in nature have to be supplemented with along with healthy vegetables for getting the best vitamin sources available naturally.

Including The Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil For Periodontal Disease

This option can also be highly useful for the patients. Tea tree has many positive attributes added along which in turn are highly therapeutic. Procedure remains highly simple as the bark and leaves can be used alike to provide relief to the ailing individual. This needs to be taken regularly by adding along with water to create an effective concoction. This needs to be applied over the oral cavities and gums which can reduce the bleeding instances readily. The anti-inflammatory properties are many and can be considered as the imperative ones associated with this treatment option. Gingivitis and other conditions can be well combated on using this natural cure.

Applying Vinegar Over The Gums

Apple cider vinegar For Periodontal Disease

Apple cider vinegar can be used to actively participate in the curing process being an effective and a natural option. Over the years this technique has gained precedence owing to the highly reactive interface provided. The application process remains simple as the vinegar needs to be gently rubbed over the gums which in turn enhances the overall circulation. The process comes around as an effective approach as the gums become free of the associated microorganisms and get purified to a larger extent.

Making Herbal Gels For Massaging

Aloe Vera For Periodontal Disease

This process is completely natural and useful for the patients who often complain of bleeding gums which are pain stricken as well. The procedure involves using Aloe Vera and extracting it into the form of a gel. One tablespoon of the same needs to be added to warm water and this can be used for brushing the teeth. Warm water added with vinegar also makes a great concoction for treating swelled up gums and the associated dryness. Patients can be relieved of the associated pain which in turn makes for a better conditioning and use.

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Implementing Green Tea And Attributes

Green Tea For Periodontal Disease

This brings in the most effective option which can help cure several ailments associated with the body. Over a period of time, green tea has been considered as the most effective option for curing the gum based ailments. The reason being the anti-inflammatory and the anti bacterial properties associated with this. Green tea is added with flavonoids which can help correct the gum relate problems and make for better and more soothing techniques along. Supplementation needs to be done quite frequently to accentuate the overall healing process.

Using Cayenne Pepper For Treating Affected Gums

Cayenne Pepper For Periodontal Disease

This option is highly reactive and can be stimulating for most of the patients. The spice content associated with this option can have burning sensation on the gums which is often desired for an effective treatment. The gums reap the anti bacterial properties of this option and stay healthy at all times. One tablespoon of cayenne pepper can be added to a hot broth which needs to be cooled down before the patients drink the same. The stinging feeling which comes up initially will take some time to subside though.

Avoid Sugar And Similar Options

Avoid Sugar For Periodontal Disease

One must look to get rid of the practices which involve using sugar and sweetened products. The sugar associated can stick to the gums and while rotting can adversely affect the same. Brushing the teeth after every meal is very important as it seldom allows the food products to stay stuck at the given place and rot indefinitely. These together can help in forming an effective treatment approach for the patients.