7 Natural Cures For Lyme Disease

Natural Cure To Lyme Disease

The most widespread tick borne disease with highest rate of transmission in today scenarios is the Lyme disease. It is caused by infection of spirochete bacteria. It gets transmitted to humans from ticks on dogs and woody areas. It is a complicated kind of infection that is hard to diagnose and gets tougher, if doctors missed its early detection, which happens often in this disease.

The disease even gets transmitted through tears, semen, breast milk, saliva, mites and mosquitoes bites. Symptoms of Lyme disease usually mimic other disorders like fibromyalgia, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, Lou Gerig’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and various other autoimmune diseases. Similar symptoms lead to misinterpretation of this disease as some other ailment, thereby leading it to reach a chronic state.

Natural Cures For Lyme Disease

Colloidal Silver


Colloidal silver is very useful in prevention as well as treatment of Lyme disease. Using it for 3 to 5 days prior to working outside during tick season will prevent any occurrence of the disease. For those, already bitten by ticks, ingest colloidal silver immediately, to stop spread of infection.

Alternatively, garlic and Echinacea extract can also be used to halt onset or spread of infection. Colloidal silver is an effective antimicrobial solution that can kill wide range of bacteria including spirochete and also serve as a natural antibiotic. One can also make use of Ledum, a homeopathy remedy that helps to puncture wounds caused from poisonous insect bites. This homeopathy solution need to taken in combination with colloidal silver once bit by the ticks.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Consume combination of green tea and turmeric as tannic acid of green tea and cur cumin from turmeric together helps in eliminating or reducing pain caused due to Lyme disease.



Probiotics are well known to rebuild the lost healthy bacteria from the gut, lost on usage of antibiotics for curing Lyme disease. These healthy bacteria are equally essential to counter the effects caused by infectious bacteria. Eat foods like kefir, yogurt and fermented vegetables as good source of probiotics.



Exercising is vital as it helps to increase oxygen concentrations that destroy Lyme bacteria from the body. Though, one observes weakness during Lyme disease, initiation of exercise boosts energy and keeps the disease away.

Overcome Vitamin Deficiencies

vitamin B,D

Deficiency of vitamin B, D and zinc impedes the recovery rate of Lyme disease. Hence, improve your diet by including foods rich in vitamin D, B and zinc like nuts, eggs, fish, peanuts or supplements in order to achieve healthy levels of these vitamins and minerals.

Low Glycemic

Carbohydrates Diet

Carbohydrates and foods rich in sugar are not beneficial as these fuel the bacteria causing Lyme. Consume diet with foods that are low in glycemic index like whole wheat bread, soybeans, lentils, porridge and beans, and avoid processed foods. Also, include high doses of Vitamin C in diet to strengthen immune system, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation and detoxification process.



For those, who may develop flu symptoms during early phases of Lyme disease, should consume homeopathic solution of Gelsemium to provide relief from symptoms of headache, fever, stiff neck, weakness, body aches, muscle pains and a feeling of heaviness.