7 Natural Cures For Hyperhidrosis

Natural Cure To Hyperhidrosis

Sweaty palms or armpits are highly undesirable both on the personal and professional front. The associated option can be quite demeaning and embarrassing for the patients. Surgeries can help address the conditions but can often be quite painful and can get very costly at times. Though this isn’t a life threatening condition but can certainly lower the confidence of an individual. As sweating is a natural process and extremely important for flushing out the toxins, excessive amounts of the same can cause a foul odor around making the surroundings heavy for most.

The safest route includes the natural options which can be herbal or restrictive in nature. Most of these include the household options which in a way are cost effective and highly potent as well. Allopathic forms can be used but still the natural forms are highly recommended by physicians. Some of the most effective options include:

Natural Cures For Hyperhidrosis

Adding Witch Hazel Along

Witch Hazel

This comes along as a natural herb acting as a natural astringent. The main characteristic of this involve the dryness which it brings to the skin. Witch hazel can be extracted out of the tree barks and also from the leaves of the concerned plant. This is highly useful for combating the facial sweating and the application process remains simple as well. Few drops of the extracted tincture can be applied over the facial surface using a cotton ball. The oil gets dissolved thus making the skin dry for a prolonged period & thus making this an effective natural option.

Using Burdock As A Natural Cure


This is a natural herb which can effectively combat the extra fluids purging out of the body surface. The sweat pores in case of hyperhidrosis gets dilated making a lot of fluid come out of it with added toxins. Burdock can help reduce the implications thus by channelizing the energies in a better and more coveted manner. The excessive sweat is effectively redirected via the bowels and urine thus reducing the negative implications of the same. Adding this to the daily tea based supplements can be useful letting the patients get over the bitter taste associated.

Astragalus With Useful Specs


This comes around with mild properties which are diuretic in nature. Excessive sweating is thus avoided as the fluids are not allowed to come out easily via the skin surface. The sweat responses are thus well balanced and countered making this an effective natural herb for curing the negative implications of hyperhidrosis. This herb can be taken in as raw or could be added in tea owing to its sweet taste.

Tea Tree Oil with Added Perks

Tea Tree Oil

Hyperhidrosis can impair the confidence of an individual while tea tree fixes the same. This need to be used over the facial surface and other regions as well which are prone to profuse sweating. The extracted powder can be made into a tincture by adding along water or the juices can be extracted out of the same. A layer, comparatively thin, needs to be applied over the affected regions to effectively mitigate the sweating tendencies. Coupled with an effective astringent quality, this comes in handy for rendering the skin surface completely dry.

Taking Cold Showers Often

Taking Cold Showers

As sweating allows the body toxins to come out, a foul odor is often associated with the same. Owing to this the hyperhidrosis symptoms can be quite demeaning for the individuals. Taking cold showers can help dissipate the same and can act as a natural antiperspirant for the individuals. The pores get relaxed and the body temperature lowers down considerably thus by reducing the sweating tendencies. This can be teamed up with natural lotions and refreshing extracts.

Meditation And Natural Coolants


With meditation, the person can easily achieve mental piece imbibing a calming influence within. This in turn comes along as an option to lessen the sweating and to get hold of cooler techniques. Adding this with the use of menthol and mint based extractions can be highly beneficial which in turn reduces the occurrence associated with hyperhidrosis. Using sage and lavender can also yield remarkable and miraculous results.

Guided Imagery And Reducing Anxiety

Reducing Anxiety

Letting cold and soothing air hit the facial and the affected parts can reduce the sweating instances. This is a natural option which involves the brain based receptions letting the body pores understand that sweating is not required. This is mostly a psychological aspect but can be highly effective in the longer run. Antidepressants can also be used to reduce the levels of anxiety which may increase sweating to a considerable extent.