Self-Management Helps Control Diabetes

Self-Management Helps Control Diabetes

How to Aid Diabetes
If a patient is suffering from type 1 diabetics then it means that he is low at risk, but the patient suffering from type 2 diabetes requires proper medication, as this diabetes is high on risk for life and may cause several other complications. The diabetic patient should follow a proper aid to have a healthy and safe life.

Self-Management Helps Control Diabetes There are many young as well as old generation people suffering from diabetes and this number is increasing day by day. There are several reasons that may cause diabetes.

Person suffering from diabetes has to follow some of the guidelines so that the patient’s life is not endangered. To start the treatment, it is important to know what a diabetic is and what are the reasons that cause diabetes.

What is a Diabetes?

Diabetes is a metabolism disorder that affects the body’s ability to dissolve sugar and convert this sugar into energy needed by the body, which is obtained from the food that is being taken. There are various reasons for this disorder that may cause diabetic. The sugar from the food is converted into glucose that is needed as energy.

This glucose gets mixed in the blood stream. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. The insulin acts as transmitter of glucose in the body cell. When the glucose level in the body rises above the normal requirement, the person suffers from diabetes. If the pancreases do not function properly then the glucose level increases in the person and hence he/ she suffer from diabetes.

What is the Reason of Diabetes?

There are several reasons that may cause diabetes, but medically the main cause is malfunctioning of pancreas that does not utilize the glucose to develop energy and growth needed by the body. Diabetes can be hereditary or it can be caused due to some other illness. Excess intake of direct sugar in form of crystal sugar and sweets in the food is also one of the reasons behind diabetes. .

Dietary Causes of Diabetes.

Some of the food intake like carbohydrate may also affect the blood sugar causing diabetes as carbohydrate gets converted into glucose once it is digested in the stomach.

Self-Management Helps Control Diabetes

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The carbohydrate food like bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, fruit, corn and milk products contain glucose. There should be less intake of such food by the diabetic patient to minimize the sugar level. But carbohydrate is needed by the body to generate energy, so a proper diet with proper intake of carbohydrate should be taken.

Symptoms of Diabetes
There can be several or few symptoms in the diabetes patient depending on the age at which the patient is suffering from the diabetes. Even sometimes depending on the type of diabetes the patient is suffering there can be several symptoms.

1) Blurred vision
2) Slow healing of wound if any
3) Unusual thirst
4) Continuous Weight loss
5) Erectile dysfunction
6) Frequent urination
7) Frequent Tiredness
8 ) Numbness in hands and feet
9) Tingling in hand and feet

These symptoms may be seen in Type 1 diabetes patients while in Type 2 diabetes patient the symptoms are more insidious and very difficult to notice.


These Aids Are As Follows

1) Patient should request for a proper diabetes educator, so that he / she can be provided with proper guidelines regarding intake of food and exercises.

2) The diabetic patients should perform a routine checkup of sugar level, so that he/ she remains updated with the sugar level to control it before further complications. This can be done at home by using an appropriate glucometer and testing supply.

3) There should be change in living style for diabetic patients, as it will improve patient’s health.

4) Daily exercises should be included in the routine. These exercises should be done under proper guidance of professional exercise instructor. Exercise can be in any form like yoga, aerobics or any other physical activity including outdoor sporting activity depending on the age and health condition of the patient.

5) There should be a proper dietary plan, which should include more intake of fiber.

6)If patient is overweight that is determined according to the height and sex of the person, then he /she should take proper steps to decrease the weight.

7) Diabetic patient should control the intake of concentrated sweets to control the sugar level in urine as well as blood.

If a diabetes is not controlled then, different organs like eyes, kidney, and heart may get affected, endangering life.

Self-management can only help one to recover from the diabetes, leading to healthy and safe life.