Safety Tips For Children With Window Blind Cords

As per a survey by the Consumer Product Safety Commission there have been more that 200 infant fatalities in the U.S due to strangulation because of blind cords, since 1990. Window blind cords pose a great degree of danger to young children and babies.

Young children and babies can easily tangle themselves with cords that are loosely hung or looped. Dangling cords can result into strangling of a child. He/she can get caught in the cord while sleeping resulting in serious consequences.  Small children usually climb on furniture and if the furniture is placed near a window they can easily lose balance and get caught in the cords. Children also tend to put the end of these cords in their mouth which may result in chocking. To avoid any mishaps some important safety guidelines must be followed.  Here are a few safety tips that can make your home a safer and happier place.

Replace or Change

There are many alternatives to window blinds in the market which are easily available. Window curtain is one of the best alternatives that you can opt for in place of window blinds. They offer a safe and warm atmosphere for your baby. You can get them custom made in different colors or just pick up ready stitched curtains from your nearest store. If you still prefer window blinds go in for cordless window blinds. A range of cordless window blinds are available in the market and you can choose from vertical and horizontal styles. The Window Covering Safety Council or WCSC is very actively involved in designing cords products that are safe for children. It offers free retrofit devices that can be retrofitted rather than replacing your old blinds.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Young children and toddlers are inquisitive in nature. They want to make the most of their new found independence by climbing on furniture such as tables, chests, cribs, beds or any furniture that they can climb onto. If the furniture is next to a window with blind cords the risk of a cord mishap increases drastically. The child may lose his/her balance while climbing and getting caught in the dangling cords. Thus rearranging your furniture is essential. Remember to move all climbable furniture away from widows with blind cords and rearrange them in a safer manner.

Other Essential Safety Tips

Remember to keep children away from lose or looped cords. If the cords are too long cut them to a safer length. Looped cords should be attached firmly to the floor or the wall. Cords should always be locked when lowered. Consider installing permanent tie-down safety devices in case of continuous looped cords. These tie-down devices tightly secure the cords to the floor or the wall.

Never place children’s beds, cribs and any climbable furniture near or against a window with blind cords. Not only children but even pets can get seriously injured or can even choke themselves due to blind cords. Thus you need to eliminate any opportunity that may lead to serious consequences. Make required changes to existing looped cords by making them shorter.

Make homes with Window Blind Cords safer for children

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