Risks Of Massage During Pregnancy


Risks Of Massage During Pregnancy Therapeutic massages have been used for ages to perk up overall well being and diminish stress. Pregnancy has often received unsure responses from the health experts.

Contemporary exploration and investigation is establishing that prenatal massage can be instrumental in expecting women’s care and should be given cautious deliberation.

Benefits Of Prenatal Massage

a) Research shows that massage carried out during pregnancy can diminish anxiety, reduce signs of depression and facilitate in labour.

b) Swedish massage: This method of massage aspires at relaxing muscle strains and help in recuperating the blood circulation.

c) Reducing Edema: Massage helps in reducing, the swelling in the body of pregnant women and decreases the collection of fluids in the swollen joints.

d) Lack of sleep could be a potential problem for expectant mothers; a good massage provides a better sleep.

Risk Of Massage During Pregnancy

Early Stage Of Pregnancy

At the initial stage of pregnancy there is a huge change that is undergone in the body of the mother; this would be emotionally and physically. The breast also undergoes a phenomenon of change. The first trimester is always prone to miscarriages, it is better to avoid a massage.

Pressure Applied In Wrong Areas

During the course of massage the therapist can give extra pressure in the wrong areas which can lead to complications. For example giving more stress on the wrist and ankles can stimulate the uterus in contracting and this would lead to problems

Dizziness And Nausea


In some individuals the use of the oils and creams during pregnancy can lead to severe dizziness and nausea and this can dehydrate the expectant mother and in worst scenarios they have to be hospitalized.

Deep Massage

When the therapist uses deep massage techniques this can result in causing spotting and even cramps in the pregnant women.

Inducting Labour

Massages can induce pre- labour in women and this would lead to complications. It is important for the baby to be full –term to prevent any health problems.

Massage Tables

Tables which have holes in the centre is bad for pregnant women to have massages on. Expectant mothers should not even think of lying on their stomach during the massage. Tables such as these can put undue pressure on the uterus.

Unauthorized Massage Therapist

Even though the therapist might be certified, they might not end up having the right training. Necessary research should be done on the best in class in this field. The therapist can cause injury to the body and ultimately affecting the baby.

Precaution – Pre-natal Massage

Position Of  The Body

Professional consider the best position for massage during pregnancy is by lying in a side-lying position

Certified Massage Therapist

When booking for a massage, care should be taken that the therapist is authorized and has obtained proper training for massaging pregnant women. They should be well aware of the sensitive areas of the body.

Discussion With Doctor

Discussion With Doctor

Expectant mothers before deciding to go in for massage , should discuss this with their doctor, women with the following condition should be extremely careful.

1. High risk pregnancies.

2. Women experiencing severe swelling.

3. Mother’s to be with high blood pressure.

In the modern times massage during pregnancy has gained a lot of significance and many massage centres advertise the same .Before taking the massage the pregnant mother should have a careful deliberation if this is essentially needed. It is always better to be safe, keeping in mind the health of the baby. At the end of the day you are getting your bundle of joy, and a massage can always be done any time in your life.