Recipes Of Mango Pickles

Mango Pickle With Rai Powder

There are at least half a dozen varieties of mango pickles and you might be surprised to know a fact that, 50% of the Indians will carry these pickles along with them to the other countries and astonishingly a maximum content of the weight will be only of  mango pickles in their baggage, when they are flying.

Taste spreads across all the corners and countries. Here with, I am bringing to you the two popular varieties of mango pickles, which are awesome for those who cherish.

Mango Pickle With Rai Powder

Mango Pickle With Rai Powder

You need the following ingredients to prepare this and remember that you should not peel the layer of mango for this.

10 raw mangoes cut in to medium size pieces,
½ kilo salt,
1/2kilo red chilli powder,
½ kilo rai powder,
1 cup of small chana dal,
500 ml oil,
2 cups of jaggery.

Method Of Preparation

Wash the mangoes and let them dry on a clean cloth. After the mangoes are dried completely, cut them in to medium size pieces and take these pieces in to a container. Keep red chilli powder, salt and rai powder separately in different vessels. Ensure that neither your hands nor the ingredients are exposed to water, else the pickle will be spoiled.

Mix mango pieces, salt, red chilli powder and rai powder in a big container thoroughly, with your hand. Pour oil in to this and you can also add chana dal and garlic cloves for added taste. This pickle should be allowed to ferment for 3 days in a glass jar for proper preservation and to get enhanced flavor of rai powder. However, you can add rai powder in less quantity if you want, according to your taste and preference.

Mango Pickle With Turmeric Powder And Methi Powder

mango pickle

For This recipe, you require the following.

10 raw and sour mangoes,
200 grams of turmeric powder,
100 grams of methi powder,
500 ml oil,
10 red chillies,
2 table spoons of rai grains,
1 table spoon of asafoetida.

Method Of Preparation

Wash the mangoes and dry them on a clean cloth. Peal off the mangoes, cut them in to vertical pieces and keep them in a container. Add turmeric powder to the mango pieces and put these in a glass jar for 3 days. After 3 days, open the jar and you will see salt water floating in the jar.

Now, squeeze the mango pieces from salt water and spread them in a plate. Let these pieces be dried either in sun heat or under a  fan, for 2 days. You should also take care that, the pieces will not become very dried, because, some moist should be left for the pieces.

Heat a pan and pour oil in to it. Add rai grains, red chillies and asafoetida. Make them roast till you smell the fragrance of them. Prepare methi powder by roasting methi grains in a pan without oil and grind them.

Mix the dried mango pieces with red chilli powder, and the roasted mix of rai grains, red chillies, asafoetida and methi powder. You can add  salt,  if you require.