Recipe Of Deep Fried Finger Foods

Finger food is named thus because it is eaten with hands, without using a plate, knife, spoon or fork. These days’ people serve finger foods in attractive disposable plates and bowls as individual servings.

Fried Finger Foods

It is a convenient way of serving, for the guests as well as for the host as it saves time. Finger foods are served with drinks as a prelude to the main course. They are also called appetizers, as they act as a stimulant for your appetite.

Appetizers generally consist of light eatables like fruits, chops, fritters or steamed appetizers. Fruits are mostly cut in chunks and served with toothpicks or disposable forks.

Finger food should be prepared in small bite sized pieces and it should be served with toothpicks and paper napkins, so that the guests can easily pick it up and eat without spoiling their fingers.

Finger foods are an essential part of every formal and informal get together. Everyone enjoys finger foods with cocktails and Mocktail. It helps the conversation to get started. People warm up to each other as the party progresses and the atmosphere becomes comfortable.

There is a huge range of finger foods to choose from. Deep fried finger foods are ideal for a cold winter occasion. You can make vegetable or cheese Pakoras, cocktail Samosa, Aloo tikki or cutlets, kebabs, spring rolls, sausages etc. as deep fried finger food.

The given Recipe of Lip Smacking Stuffed Mushrooms is easy to make and it tastes delicious. Mushrooms are rich in proteins and they make a healthy and filling appetizer. Cheese stuffing adds richness to the appetizer. It also increases the healthy quotient of the dish. Mushroom is mostly relished by all groups of people.

Preparation Time- 20 minutes
Cooking Time- 15 minutes

Ingredients For Fried Finger Foods

Large Whole Mushrooms- 200 grams
Processed Cheese- 4 table spoons (grated)
Mustard Powder- ½ tea spoon
Green Chili- 2 No.
Salt to taste
Fresh coriander- 2 tea spoons

Ingredients for the Batter

Maida- 1 table spoon
Cornflour-1 table spoon
Soya Sauce-1/2 tea spoon
Salt to taste
Water as required
Oil for deep frying

Proceed Of Fried Finger Foods

1. Mix maida, cornflour, salt and soya sauce in a vessel. Add enough water to make a batter of dropping consistency. Keep it aside.

Mix maida

2. Remove the stalks from mushrooms. Wash the mushrooms and the stalks thoroughly and keep aside.

3. Finely chop green chilli and fresh coriander. Finely chop mushroom stalks. Put cheese, salt, mustard powder, stalks, green chilli and coriander in a bowl. Mix it well to prepare the stuffing.

chop green chilli

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4. Heat oil in a wok.

Heat oil in a wok

5. Tightly fill the mushrooms with cheese stuffing.

6. Dip them in the batter one by one and deep fry on medium heat till golden brown.

heat till golden brown

7. Remove the fried mushrooms on an absorbent paper.

Remove the fried mushrooms

8. Take a large serving platter. Arrange small bowls of chilli sauce and tomato ketchup in the centre. Place stuffed mushrooms around the bowls and serve hot.

9. You can stick toothpicks on each mushroom separately for easy handling.

Finger food should be prepared in small bite sized pieces and it should be served with toothpicks and paper napkins, so that the guests can easily pick it up and eat without spoiling their fingers