Recipe For Italian Sausage

Recipe Italian Sausage

Recipe Italian Sausage Italian sausages are simply heavenly and delectable. They are very easily available in the market, but it is definitely a good idea to prepare your own sausages at home. Sausages prepared at home are far safer and healthier than the ones available at the market, because at home you handle everything yourself and the chances of getting contaminations are greatly reduced.

So, follow this simple recipe to prepare delicious Italian sausages right at your home.

Difficulty level: Medium
Yields per recipe: 2-3 long sausage coils
Preparation time: 2-3 hours

Ingredients required

5 feet long hog casing
2 teaspoons of fennel seeds
5 pounds of pork shoulder or butt
5-6 teaspoons of garlic powder
2-4 teaspoons of crushed red pepper
½ pound of pork fat
2-3 teaspoons of coarse sea salt
3-4 teaspoons of freshly ground black pepper

Appliances required

1 large mixing bowl
1 meat grinder machine (automatic or hand-cranked)
1 coarse grinding disk
1 stuffing tube

Method of Preparation

1. Take the meat and pork fat and rinse them thoroughly under running water. Once thoroughly rinsed, chop up the pork and the pork fat into small pieces so that they can easily pass through the feeder of the grinder. Transfer the meat and pork pieces to a bowl and insert the bowl into the refrigerator for 30 minutes to chill the meat.

In the meantime, take the grinder and sterilize it thoroughly with boiling water. Sterilize the stuffing tube and the grinding disk as well. Then set the grinder on your working table and attach the coarse grinding disk to it.

2. Now take out the meat from the refrigerator and feed each meat and fat pieces slowly into the grinder machine. If you are using a hand-cranked machine for the purpose, then you will have to turn the wheel many times until the meat is thoroughly grinded. This may be a long process. You can use a wooden or plastic pusher to push the meat into the feeder and to speed up the grinding process.

3. Once the entire meat is grinded, transfer it to a bowl and add the fennel seeds, crushed red pepper, garlic powder, salt and black pepper to it. Mix all the things together with your hands until all the spices are completely incorporated and evenly mixed with the meat.

Once done, set aside the meat and attach the stuffing tube to the meat grinder machine. Check whether the tube is tightly and properly fitted or not because you exert some pressure to it while stuffing the casings and you would definitely not like it, if your stuffing tube pops out at the middle of making the sausages.

4. Now push the casing over the stuffing tube and pull out some of it to tie a knot at the end. Make sure you don’t get any air bubbles while tying the knot. Once prepared, feed the grinded meat through the feeder and stuff it into the casing. Push and pull the casing accordingly to fill in the grinded meat. Be careful not to pull the casing too much or it will tear and pulling it too little will result in overlapping the casing.

Once the entire casings are filled, you may keep them coiled or you may also turn them into medium sized links. To make the links, simply hold the sausage coils with your two hands and push away the meat from one point. Then slowly twist the coil to make a knot at that point.