Recipe For Tasty Chicken Manchurian

Chinese food has found a huge following in India. People love to indulge in this cuisine without thinking twice. And accordingly, authentic Chinese cuisine has been twisted and moulded according to Indian taste. The biggest example of such modification lies in the invention of the Chicken Manchurian. This is one dish thacat does not have Chinese roots and have been created in the Chinese restaurants in India.

Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian was first made by Nelson Wang and he started off with basic Indian ingredients like garlic, ginger and green chillies. But, he replaced garam masala with Soya sauce. Additionally, he also included corn starch in the dish to give it a Chinese touch. Even vegetarian variants of Manchurian are prepared in Indo-Chinese restaurants. Paneer or cottage cheese, mutton and even vegetables like cauliflowers and cabbages are also used in this dish. If you are also interested in making sumptuous Chicken Manchurian at home, follow this recipe and prepare restaurant style Manchurian.


Boneless chicken pieces: 500gms
Chopped ginger: 1tsp
Chopped garlic: 1tsp
Soya sauce: 1tbsp
Corn flour: 3 tbsp
Maida or refined flour: 2 tbsp
Baking powder: 1tsp
Eggs: 2
White pepper powder: ½ tsp
Onions: 2 medium
Shredded cabbage: 1 cup
Tomato ketchup: 2tsp
Chilli sauce: 2tsp
Worcestershire sauce: 2tsp
Oil: 2tbsp
Ajinamoto or chinese sal: 1tsp
Salt: to taste
Green chillies: 2 to 3 (optional)


1. Marinate the boneless chicken pieces with 2 tbsp corn flour, refined flour, baking powder, eggs, salt and white pepper powder. Mix the shredded cabbage with the chicken and keep aside for half an hour.

boneless chicken

2. Take a pan and heat some oil. Fry the marinated chicken pieces in the oil. Make sure that you are not overcooking it and wait till the pieces turn brownish. Remove the fried chicken pieces in a tissue paper or absorbing towel and keep aside.

chicken pieces in the oil

3. For preparing the Chicken Manchurian gravy, take 1tbsp oil and heat it. Fry the onion pieces with salt, until they turn translucent. Add chopped ginger and garlic. Sauté for a few minutes and then add the tomato ketchup, green chilli sauce and Worcestershire sauce. Mix well.

4. Add a cup of water and let the mixture simmer. As the water starts boiling add in the Soya sauce and 1tbsp corn flour dissolved in water. Add the fried chicken pieces to the gravy and let it boil.

5. Sprinkle the chopped green chillies and Chinese salt or Ajinamoto. Let it simmer for 5 minutes and then remove from flame.

6. Garnish the Chicken Manchurian with chopped spring onions before serving. Since it is prepared in Indian style, you can always serve it with rice, Paratha or even Roti. You can also prepare some fried rice and serve it with the delicious Chicken Manchurian.

Variations of Chicken Manchurian

Although Chicken Manchurian is basically considered to be gravy based, dry Chicken Manchurian is often served in Chinese restaurants. If you wish to prepare this at home, you have to make slight modifications to the above recipe. Instead of making a water based gravy, you just need to sauté the onions chopped ginger, garlic, tomato ketchup, chilli sauce, Worcestershire sauce and soya sauce in a little bit of oil.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly and then add the fried chicken pieces. Dissolve a little bit of corn flour in about ¼ cup of water and sprinkle it over the chicken in such a manner that it coats the entire mixture. Stir well and sprinkle Ajinamoto or Chinese salt over it. Once you follow these simple steps, a plate full of delectable dry Chicken Manchurian would be ready to serve. If you want to impress your guests further, make some noodles along with the Manchurian.

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Vegetable Manchurian – a Preferred Variant for Vegetarians

After going through the above recipe, if you are disappointed to find something that is appropriate for non-vegetarians, here’s something that will delight vegetarians.

Vegetable Manchurian is a very famous dish and is a preferred choice amongst vegetarians. Prepared in a somewhat similar fashion, this Indo-Chinese dish too is quite popular in our country. Find out how you can make lip smacking Vegetable Manchurian.

Vegetable Manchurian Chicken


Chopped carrot: ½ cup
Chopped cabbage: ½ cup
Chopped capsicum: ½ cup
Chopped onions: ½ cup
Ginger and garlic paste: 2tsp
Corn flour: 2 tbsp
Maida or Refined flour: 2 tbsp
Soya sauce: 2 tsp
Sugar: a pinch
Ajinamoto or Chinese salt: 1tsp
Sal: to taste
Oil: 3tbsp
Green chillies: 3 to 4


1. Chop the carrots, cabbage, capsicum and onion. Keep aside.

2. Take a bowl and mix all the vegetables with salt, 1 tbsp corn flour and refined flour. Mix well and try to form small balls out of this mixture. If necessary, you can add a little bit of water to the mixture and it will help you to make the balls easily.

3. Now, take a pan and heat oil. Fry the vegetable balls until they turn light brown. Take them out on a tissue paper and keep aside.

4. In another pan, take a little bit of oil and fry the onions. Add the ginger-garlic paste, Soya sauce and chopped green chillies. Cook for a couple of minutes and then add one cup of water or vegetable stock, whichever is available. Let the gravy boil.

5. Dissolve the remaining corn flour in water and add it to the gravy. As the gravy thickens, continuously stir to avoid lump formation. Sprinkle salt, sugar and Ajinamoto or Chinese salt. Add the fried vegetable balls to the gravy. Delicious Vegetable Manchurian is now ready to be served.

But, if you are not serving the Vegetable Manchurian immediately, do not immerse the vegetable balls into the gravy. Keep the gravy ready and just before serving, dip the balls in the gravy and heat the entire mixture for a couple of minutes. This will keep the balls crispy and will taste better.

6. Garnish with chopped spring onions before serving.

Hence, next time when you are in the mood to have yummy Chicken or Vegetable Manchurian, there’s no need to visit the restaurant, try preparing some at home and impress your family with these appetizing dishes.