Recipe for Chicken soup

Chicken Soup Therapy

Recipe for Chicken soup Soups are considered to be the first choice for an appetizer. More than being an appetizer, it is also a healthy option for evening and concerning the calorie counters, its a good dinner idea too… Both children and adults love this food very much. The subtle taste and appealing chicken flavor makes it a sure bet on any occasion.Having a big variety to choose from, Chicken soups are a must have favourite.

Due to the wide acceptance of this dish, there are many versions of chicken soup available nowadays, ranging from countries to the ingredients used in it. But below is an easy chicken recipe enriched with the benefits of sweet corn, to make it more nutritious and tasty. This can be prepared by anyone within no time. So are you ready to charge your taste buds ??

Difficulty level: Easy
Serves : 2 -3 people.
Time required for preparation: 15-20 minutes.
Time required for cooking: 6-8 minutes.

Ingredients For Chicken Soup

2 cups of fresh chicken stock
1 tablespoon of corn flour
Half cup of boiled chicken pieces
1 cup of half boiled sweet corn
1 Egg white
a hand full of chopped cilantro.
1 tablespoon of unsalted Butter.
Salt,  according to taste.
pepper, according to taste

Utensils Required for Cooking 

A Bottom thick pan.
A wooden spoon.
A fork.
2 to 3 soup bowls for serving.

Method of Cooking

1. Firstly take a bottom thick pan and place it on the stove. Switch on the flame.Pour the chicken stock to it and let it heat for sometime.(If ready made Chicken stocks are used make sure to check the salt content and prepare as per the carton instructions.Adjust the usage of salt and thickness accordingly.) Put the half boiled sweet corn to it and stir.

2. Let the corn cook for 3-4 minutes in the stock and reduce the flame. Mix the cornflour in little water to make a thick paste. Now slowly pour 1 tablespoons of diluted cornflour to the soup. Now take the half boiled chicken and chop it into small small cubes.Put those chicken cubes to the soup on the stove and stir well. (Note: Chicken has to be boiled with some pepper and salt in little water.)

3. Beat the egg white with a fork and carefully add it to the soup and stirring at the same time. This ensures that the egg gets cooked. ( Note :Adding egg white and stirring have to be done altogether so as to get it like white strands floating in the soup. If not the egg white will turn to form a white lump and settle at a place, disturbing the tempting appearance of the soup and leaving it uncooked from inside.) Note that the flame is to kept very low as there is chance for the soup to turn very thick.

4. Check for the taste and  adjust the salt and pepper according to your taste. Check for the consistency of the soup and add in more diluted cornflour , if required. Now remove from the flame and pour into respective soup bowls taking care of not burning your hands. Put some freshly chopped cilantro and a small dab of butter onto the top of each bowl. Serve hot !!!

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