Reasons And Treatments For Headaches With High Blood Pressure

Headache with high blood pressure

Headache with high blood pressure High blood pressure is a serious condition. It makes the heart work harder to pump blood throughout the body. It thickens the arteries and other blood vessels and may result into severe heart diseases.

It may also lead to kidney failure. People who suffer from high blood pressure are very prone to heart attacks and die a premature death. Some common reasons for high blood pressure may be narrowing of the blood vessels or in some cases the faster beating of heart.

In most of the cases, the exact reasons for headaches with high blood pressure are not known correctly. This condition is known as primary high blood pressure. There may be various reasons for high blood pressure that causes headaches.

Causes Of Headache With High Blood Pressure

Age Is For One

The risk of getting a high blood pressure and headache is directly proportional to the age. The older a person is, the more likely he would develop a high BP and headache. This happens because of the hardening of blood vessels. As we grow older, the width of the arteries tends to get harder.

Gender Is Also The Reason

It has been observed that men are more likely to develop high blood pressure with headaches than women. The risk also depends on the age and the background of the person.

Heredity Or Family History

This problem is genetic. If your father had a heart disease or he was a patient of high blood pressure, you are more likely to suffer from the same problem. Headaches tend to follow. There are many other factors responsible forheadaches and high blood pressure. These factors can be changed by adopting a good lifestyle and taking proper care and medication.

Obesity Is A Big Time Cause

People usually don’t realise that the problem of obesity is very dangerous for their health. As the weight of your body increases, you experience a rise in the blood pressure. The heart works under pressure to pump the blood throughout the body.

A person falls into the category of obese if the BMI i.e. body mass index of the person is more than 30kg/m. The risk does not depend only on this index but the manner in which fat gets accumulated in your body, also plays a major role. Some people gain fat in the thigh muscles.

Headache with high blood pressure

Others put on weight around their tummy. It has been found that people who get fat accumulation in stomach or belly are more prone to headaches and high blood pressure. Doctors recommend that obese people should lose their weight until their weight becomes 15% of the healthy body weight. One must avoid junk and oily foods and eat a healthy nutritious diet to maintain proper health. Regular exercise is very important to reduce weight. Yoga and aerobics are very useful in decreasing the body fat.

Excessive Salt Intake

Some people are very sensitive to sodium. Salt is beneficial for the body only when it is consumed in a limited amount. This is the reason why one should avoid fast foods because they contain high amounts of sodium. Try reducing the sodium intake in your diet and you will notice a change in your health. Medications and alcohol use: there are certain medicines used for allergy, common cold and sleeping and diet pills that have a tendency to raise the blood pressure. Cut back alcohol and try to consume it in very less amounts.

Headache with high blood pressure

Various Treatments for High Blood Pressure have been mentioned herewith. High blood pressure simply means high tension or pressure in the arteries. The arteries carry blood from the heart to different organs of the body. Many people confuse high blood pressure with emotional tension which is wrong. However, excessive emotional stress can cause high blood pressure. There are various treatments available for high blood pressure.

The dosage of medicines depends on your stage of high blood pressure. Changes in lifestyle go a long way in the treatment for high BP. But only these changes are not enough. Various treatments for high blood pressure include a healthy lifestyle and proper medication. Some common changes that could help you reduce the high blood pressure have been discussed below:

Treatments For Headache With High Blood Pressure

ACE (Angiotensin converting enzyme) Inhibitors

There is a chemical in your heart called Angiotensin II that narrows the width of arteries and other blood vessels. ACE inhibitors reduce the amount of this chemical and thus help to widen the vessels. Some common examples of ACE inhibitors are lisinopril, lamipril etc.

Angiotensin Receptor Blockers

Their effect on the blood vessels is similar to that of ACE inhibitors. Some common examples of these drugs include losartan, valsartan etc.

Diuretics (water tablets)

These tablets help in a number of ways. They increase the amount of salt in your urine and sweat which results in decreasing the fluid circulation in the blood vessels.

This makes the blood vessels relaxed and they experience a low pressure. These medicines are prescribed with a low dosage because only a little amount can work on high blood pressure. Chlorothiazide and hyperchlorothiazide are common examples of this type of medication.

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These are generally used to cure angina. They lower the blood pressure, slow down the heart rate and reduce the force on heart. These medicines are not prescribed if the patient has asthma and other breathing and heart problems. Beta blockers come in many types of brands. For example, pindol, timolol, sotalol etc.

Calcium Channel Blockers

These medicines affect the use of calcium in the heart vessels and heart muscles. They provide a relaxing effect to the arteries. These are also used to treat angina. Amlodipine, verapamil, lacidipine etc are some types of calcium channel blockers.

Try to cut back the intake of salt in your diet. Take a low fat, low oil balanced diet. Maintain a good health and exercise daily. Do not do vigorous exercises. Try out yoga and jogging and brisk walking. Physical fitness is an important part of your healthy lifestyle. Cut back cigarette and alcohol. People who are having treatments for high blood pressure should avoid smoking and drinking completely. Obese people have a very high risk of heart problems.

Try to lose weight and maintain a good figure to be in shape. Reduce the intake of caffeine- rich drinks like tea and coffee because they increase the blood pressure. Some people believe that if they adopt healthy habits, they need not take medicines for their high BP. This is wrong. Regular dosage of medicines is necessary to keep the blood pressure under control. There are mainly five categories of medicines used for the treatment of high blood pressure. These main five classes have been discussed below.