3 Quick Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

Makeup Tips For Big Eyes People who have big eyes do not need to make much use of elaborate eye makeup as their eyes are already prominent. However, some simple makeup tricks can help to make your eyes look even more beautiful than they normally look. As people mature with age, fine lines and wrinkles start appearing under the eyes and make them look fatigued. Fine lines can also appear along the sides of the eyes.

These lines are known as crow’s feet. Apart from these lines, people often develop dark circles and puffy bags under their eyes as well. Such imperfections can be easily concealed with the help of makeup. This helps to highlight the large eyes and make them appear beautiful even though there might be some imperfections. However, the wrong kind of makeup can make your eyes look very stark. This can ruin the beauty of your eyes and so you must be careful about the makeup styles that you are using. Given below are some effective makeup tips which can be put to use by those who have large eyes. These makeup tricks can also be done by amateurs as they are rather easy to do.

Makeup Tips For Big Eyes

Curl Your Lashes

Curl Your Lashes For Big Eyes

Your eyelashes play a very important role in highlighting the beauty of your eyes. This is why it is vital to curl your lashes outwards with the help of an eyelash curler. If your eyelashes are not naturally thick, you could consider making use of artificial eyelashes as well. These lashes are fixed onto the upper and lower eyelids and they can be removed rather easily too. After your lashes have been curled outwards, you must apply about two coats of mascara to them. This helps to emphasize the size of your eyes even more.

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Line Your Eyes Well

Eyeliner For Big Eyes

Eyeliner is also very beneficial in highlighting the size and shape of your eyes. People who have large eyes can make use of any shade of eyeliner as all the shades help to emphasize the eyes. You must ensure that you are defining your eyes with neat lines drawn along your upper eyelid. These lines must start at the innermost corner of your eye and extend all the way to the outermost corner of each eye. You could apply eyeliner to just the upper or lower eyelid or to both, depending on your preference.

Choose Your Eye Shadow Shades Wisely

Shadow Shades For Big Eyes

Since your eyes are not tiny, too much effort is not required to highlight them. You can choose from a wide range of eye shadow colours depending on your skin tone. If you are dusky, choose copper and bronze tones whereas pinks and other pastel shades are ideal for those who have fair skin. You must start by highlighting your brow bone with the help of a neutral shimmer shade. A darker shade of shadow can be applied to the crease of your eye. The finishing touches can be given by applying a very dark shade of shadow along the edge of your upper eyelid. This can be substituted with a dark shade of eyeliner.

Quick Makeup Tips For Big Eyes