6 Quick And Easy Tips For Party Makeup

Party Makeup

Heading out to a party but find yourself pressed for time to visit the salon? Worried that you won’t be able to make an impression on your outing considering the fact that you have very little time on your hands to get dressed for the same?

Well, not to worry! For here are some simple, quick, easy and extremely effective tips that can make you look like a diva in no time at all. Follow these makeup and style tips to look dashing wherever you go without necessarily spending hours in a salon beforehand.

Easy Tips For Party Makeup

Makeup Helps

Considering the fact that you are headed out to a party, you would most probably need to opt for some makeup tricks that can hide your flaws and make you look gorgeous throughout the night. Here are some tips to help you with that.

The Blush

The top of the cheekbones are where you need to concentrate in order to get a quick, sexy look. By sweeping the blush and highlighter high upwards, you can make the look even more dazzling.

This makeup trick would enable you to sport radiant looking cheekbones throughout the night.




Nights are when you need to make your eyes stand out. And the best way to do that is to make them look as bright as possible (within the limit of course). This can be achieved by opting for colored eyeliners instead of the usual black, brown or blue ones.

Opt for liners that can accentuate the dress you wear but don’t end up looking hideous. For example, subtle colors like emerald green or velvety purple are good choices for a night time party.

Another trick to make your eyes look fantastic would be to opt for a winged look for eyeliners. Accordingly, after applying a thin coating of eye liner around the rims, you can choose to leave them winged (not touching each other) at the outer corners. This would give off a classic and yet chic look within minutes.


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Pouty Lips

No matter what anyone says about pouty lips being a thing of the past; the trend would continue to hog the limelight for many more years to come.

And the best way to get pouty lips instantly is to match the color of your lipstick with your lip liner to enhance the pout. You can also try out complementing colors to show off your sexy pout in a more stylish manner.



A fashion ensemble would surely go unnoticed if you don’t team it up with appropriate accessories. This goes for makeup and hairdos as well.



Hairstyling Tips

If you are in a rush, opt for a simple hairdo you can make interesting by adding on some jeweled hair pins, charms or pendants.

Simple hairdos like braids can be made more attractive by decking them with stones, flirty hair pins or even leather extensions etc. If you opt to wear a ponytail to the party, try to decorate with feather extensions and plumes for added appeal.



Bold is in! And the best way to let everyone know that you have decided to embrace the look is by making an instant impression with some bold, statement accessories. These include chunky chains, large earrings, chic necklaces, and funky bracelets and watches. However, make sure that the accessories you opt for blend in with the outfit you plan to wear rather than appearing out of place and rather jarring in an otherwise simple ensemble.

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