Process For IVF Teatments

IVF Teatments

IVF Teatments If is the process in which the eggs are taken out from the ovaries and then combined with a sperm in a laboratory. This type of fertilization takes place in a dish which is known as “In Virto”means glass and the fertilized egg is inserted into the uterus.There are many benefits from the technique of Ivf for the couples who are trying hard to become parents.

If the female has blocked fallopian tubes,minor problems with sperm of men and the couple is not able to become parents even after trying for more than two years then this technique will help them a lot.The process of Ivf treatment consists of several steps which are explained below:

Process For IVF Teatments

Use Of Fertility Drugs

A females have to take fertility drugs for the stimulation of the ovaries and to develop mature eggs that can complete the fertilization process. In a menstrual cycle, a female releases one egg in a month and drugs should not be taken during this time as to stimulate the ovaries as the chances of getting pregnant increase with production of more eggs.

Drugs known as gonadotrophin-releasing hormone analogues are recommended by the fertility specialist to suppress the menstrual cycle. This drug when taken daily for two weeks will improve the chances of pregnancy. In case you have the problem of endometriosis then you should take Cetrotide to control the menstrual cycle.

Giving Hormone Injections

A daily injection of hormone will be given for 12 days to trigger the ovaries so that they can release a number of mature eggs. The two commonly recommended hormones are gonadotrophin follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH).

Hormone Injections

As a different woman responds differently to these hormones then the doctor will give a close watch on you to trace when the eggs mature. An injection of HCG will stimulate the egg release within 34 hours so that they can be collected on time.

Retrieval Of Egg From Ovary And Sperm Collection

Now the ultrasound scans will be done which will show whether the eggs are mature or not. Anesthesia will be used to make the women become the subconscious state. The fertility specialist will then remove the egg from the ovaries. This will be done by using a fine, hollow needle that will be attached to the ultrasound probe and will locate the follicles that contains the mature egg. This whole process will give you discomfort and pain.



Now after the collection of female eggs, the husband will give a fresh sample of semen. In case the donates sperm has to be used then it will be taken from the freezer. Effort is made to use the best quality sperm so that it can fertilize the female eggs. This combination will take place in a dish and left to develop in an incubator.

Fertilization And Transfer Of Embryos

In a single day, fertilization can take place. So it is checked within a day. In case the fertilization has taken place then within 2-5 days they are transferred into the uterus. These fertilized eggs will have ball of cells that are known as embryo and doctors call it as blasticcysts if they are transferred after five days.



The healthiest embryos are inserted into the uterus. A pre-implantation test known as comprehensive chromosome screening is done by some fertility clinics as only the embryos that have all the chromosomes in it are transferred to the uterus. This test reduces the chances of miscarriages even when a single embryo is inserted. By doing so, the uterus will prepare for the embryo to take the progesterone which helps to thicken the lining of the uterus. Progesterone can be received by an injection known as pessary or gel.

If the uterus lining if too thin then the embryos are not able to complete the implantation and then IVF cycle may need to be ended.Normally, one or two embryos are inserted into the thin catheter through the uterus cervix and ultrasound is used to get the details of it. To avoid the chances of multiple pregnancy, not more than three embryos are implanted and the number of embryos that are inserted also depends upon the age of the women and the fertility problem.