Problems And Solutions Of Teenage Pregnancy


pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is a serious problem affecting many teenager girls and boys of the present generation. In some countries the problem has reached such glaring heights and the consequent consequences becoming so much hazardous that the concerned governments are doing their best to control the situation.

Teenage is such a delicate stage of life when most guidance is required to be given in the most subtle and friendly ways. Both teachers and parents have to be careful and responsible enough to be able to reach and communicate with their teenager students or kids without hurting their emotions and giving them enough respect.

Problems Of  Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy becomes glaring because of the fact that  very young kids are affected and so are their families and friends. Pregnancy is a lovely gift but it is also a very big responsibility which requires matured adults with proper financial security to consider.

Physical Inability

Though a teenage girl might have got her periods by entering puberty yet her body is still transforming and changing until she becomes a young adult. Therefore, physically child bearing becomes risky and not suitable for both the mother and baby.

Mental Unpreparedness and Distress

Both physically and mentally a teenager girl is not prepared for a pregnancy therefore she will feel unnecessarily stressed, distressed and socially embarrassed.

taking stress

She is still a kid mentally and lot of changes keeps going within her while pregnancy responsibilities and changes are beyond her comprehension thus taking her into the grips of an immense mental turmoil.

Pregnancy Complications

There are higher chances of pregnancy complications as prenatal care is often not enough for teenage expectant mothers. The pelvic bone doesn’t grow adequately till the age of 18 therefore leading to caesarian deliveries. Proper nutrition is often lacking and as the teenager girl’s own body is also developing therefore adequate nutrition becomes most necessary for both the mother and child’s safety.

Risks of Low Birth Weight Babies

There remain higher risks of low birth babies in teenage pregnancies. Often babies born through teenage pregnancies are susceptible to infections, lack of proper post natal care or other birth problems which often lead to death within the first year.

Teenage Fathers Not Spared As Well

Not only the teenage mothers but also the teenage fathers go through lot of stress and social pressure. They may have to take up additional job responsibilities or may have to leave studies to support their partner and the baby who is going to come.

Ways to Handle And Avoid Teenage Pregnancy

Teenagers are kids trapped in developing bodies which they don’t understand but feel curious to know. Teenagers go through lot of hormonal change therefore they feel rush of emotions and impulses much more than adults and tend to take wrong steps for which they may repent later on. It is the responsibilities of the parents, teachers and caring adults to help teenagers understand their body and how to have safe sex if they want to do it.

Proper Sex Education and safe Sex Guidance

Proper sex education by parents and teachers are mandatory to be given to teenagers. They shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of their body but to understand, love and respect their bodies. Appreciate them for what they are and show respect and trust towards them. This way the teenagers will accept your advice and will do their best to keep your trust and faith. Explain how to have safe sex and avoid any mishaps.

Communicate and Be Friendly

Never make your teenager kid feel low for anything as it affects them in the worst ways and they may seek comfort in outside company to end up being abused or having unprotected sex.

Communicate with them, show interest in their lives without being controlling and become their best friend. Share your own experiences and have fun with them.

Dealing With Teenage Pregnancy

If you have to deal with a teenager who is already pregnant then rather than making her feel guilty try to support and help her.

Doctor’s Advice

The most important step is to take her to a doctor and seek advice on what is to be done next. If it is possible to go for an abortion without creating any complications you can consider it as an option.

docter advice

Follow doctor’s guidance and do the necessary tests to ascertain the condition of both the mother and child.

Prenatal Care and Nutrition

Give proper prenatal care and ensure proper nutrition both for herself and her baby. Proper weight gain is important for the mother and her baby’s safety. It is also essential to avoid possible pregnancy complications therefore go for regular medical checkups.

Plan and Save Money For Future

Planning for the future is most important which can take care of several problems beforehand. Save money which will be required and seek for medical aids as well.