Principles Of Effective Parenting

Principles Of Effective Parenting

Principles Of Effective Parenting The role of a parent is the most challenging but rewarding task in the world. Parents play a very significant role in the life of children and are the most important caretakers of their children. Parents protect their child from all unknown risks. At the same time they are responsible for developing self confidence, kindness, helpfullness and honesty in children.

All the parents throughout the world expect to play their role effectively. Parenting is not a routine job where the duty gets completed just by working for eight to nine hours. Parenting is associated with lot of expectations and commitments. It is a continuous effort made by both parents in bringing up their child with standard values and morals.

Parents provide all the basic resources to their children. It is also vital to provide them safe, clean and healthy environment and protect them from health issues and physical harms. They are responsible for the child’s physical, moral and educational development.

What is Effective Parenting?

Effective parenting is bringing up the child with standard values and morals. It is also defined as carrying out responsibilities of their children resulting in making them a capable person. Effective parenting is being with children in all the aspects of life and making them know what is good and what is bad to them.

Principles of Effective Parenting

To become effective parent, it is always necessary for parents to follow certain principles.

Be a Role Model

Children always observe and learn from their adults. They observe their parent’s way of talking, giving respect, being honest and other activities. Child always respects and behaves with others the way their parents do.  It is therefore necessary for parents to think twice before they blow up in front of their children.

Proper and Open Communication

It is important for parents to have open communication with their children. It is essential to explain what you expect from them. It is also necessary to tell them what is right and what is wrong.

Effective Parenting

Parents should make the child understand that there is always a soft and safe place for them when ever they are in trouble.

Setting Limits and Discipline

Parents should set limits for children. Setting limits doesn’t mean to make your child stick to what you say irrespective of their choices and wishes. We have to set rules and limits of the child but should not try to control them in all their activities. Giving liberty in doing their things is also important.

Children must able to manage themselves, do their homework on their own, take care of themselves while playing. Doing their work on their own and discipline develops self confidence in them. Setting limits develops self control in them.


It is also essential for parents to acknowledge them for what they do. Even a small acknowledgement will increase their self confidence.

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Parents should also respect their children as they respect anyone else. They have to speak to them softly and listen to what they say. Parents should never criticize, blame or find unnecessary faults in them. It will decrease their self esteem.

Providing Time for Kids

Parents should always get involved with their children. In this busy and competitive world, when both the parents are working, it is difficult for them to spend some time together. But it is very important for parents to take time from their busy schedule and spend some time with their kids.

effective parenting principles

Getting involved doesn’t mean doing their work on behalf of them. Involving themselves in their children’s life is to listen to what they say and understand them and their feelings. Children without such attention from parents often misbehave and have no discipline in them.

Bottom line

Thus, effective parenting is not being strict to children. It is a process of raising the child with good values and morals. To be effective, parents should not restrict the child by way of discipline from doing their activities. Parents have to set certain limits of their children and at the same time teach them the correct path to be followed for success in their endeavors. They have to make aware the exact way of behaving in front of other adults and their friends.

The relationship between parents and children should be healthy and successful. It will not only create a happy environment around them but also makes them self confident, disciplined and self controlled. Having a happy environment is not only helpful for children in their physical and mental development but also brings success in their educational development and keeps them free from health issues.