Preventions For Skin Rashes In Infants

Preventions For Skin Rashes In Infants

Preventions For Skin Rashes In Infants Most of my favorite television advertisements are of baby diapers and if you ask me why, I simply say that, the cute babies in those advertisements acting as crying due to skin rashes and smiling and playing after wearing diapers, really thrill every mother and I too am no exception.

Even your hair can sense like a sharp knife on the delicate skin of infants.  This is because, the protective layers of the skin are not yet formed and so, the skin of  infants appears very transparent reflecting the nerves inside the skin.

Skin rashes are quite common among infants and in a survey it is found that, C- section babies are prone to get skin rashes and quite common causes are, usage of diapers for longer number of hours or wearing them unwashed dresses or exposure to sun heat or it can be due to insect bites too.

Of course, though you take many protective measures to safe guard your baby’s skin, some times he or she is prone to get skin rashes.  No mother can avoid this and I think, it would be better to take the following discussed precautions for reducing the symptoms of skin rashes to infants.

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Avoid Diaper Dangers:

You know how cute your baby looks in diapers, at the same time you must not forget to apply either a moisturizing cream or powder on the waist of your baby.  Changing of diapers for every four hours is compulsory and in between you can also give some training for your baby’s nature calls, though not perfectly.

Always, check the size of the diapers and it should be not too tight, else, rashes and infections will occur.

Use Only Unique Baby Soaps:

We have many branded baby soaps, which are available in the market.  You should stick to only one variant of baby soap,  specifically the one that was used on the very first day of your child’s birth, as his body gets conditioned only to the soap that you use initially.  So,  if you change baby soaps frequently, the result will be changes in the tenderness of your baby’s skin and some times may cause rashes.

Say No To Foreign Foods:

Many times, guests arriving at your home may bring new foods for your baby.  In such instances, you should use your wisdom in escaping your baby from eating such new foods.

Insects Will Not Bite Your Infant:

Please do not take me wrong here, because, a recently registered good news in my brain says that, if you apply baby cream or any branded lotion for that matter, to the body of your infant, even mosquitoes and flies will fly away feeling sorry, because, they are not able to suck blood and one fine night, they will surely become foes to your infant.

Wash New Garments:

However huge may be the mall in which you buy new garments for your baby, many touches on it will improve bacterial storage and at least one percent chance exists for this.  Therefore, it is advisable to wash the new dresses, before you wear them on your baby.