Advantages Of Preschool For Toddlers

Preschool for toddlers

Preschool for toddlers A toddler is a name used for kids between the age group of one and five. It is one of the most important stages in child’s life. There occur various physical, emotional and environmental changes in the child in this stage.

As a part of their development process, toddlers reaching age of 3 are taken to preschool.  Preschool is also referred to as play school. It is one of the most significant stepping stones for the child and is also a pre stage to primary education.

Importance Of Preschool

It is observed that child’s brain development begins by birth. Toddler stage is the most important in increasing the scope of grasping things fast. At this stage, the child will have the ability to perform different tasks and learn things well. Children between three to four years understand the things easily and retain them for the rest of their life.

The main aim of preschool is to develop child’s physical, social and emotional development. It also helps in enhancing child’s social skills. Toddlers learn a lot by going to preschool. Child’s personal, social, emotional and educational development takes place at preschool.

These days even academic are being given importance in preschools. The child entering kinder garden education is expected to have the basic knowledge about what is going to be taught in kinder garden.It is an important foundation for toddlers before going to legal and mandatory education.


As we all observe big schools have a very large number of strength in their classes. It becomes difficult for the teachers to handle each and every child personally. Preschool is an institution where they limit their class strength to very less number (for example to 12 to 15 children). This enables the teacher to give attention and take care of each and every child individually. At the same time, it allows toddlers to learn things carefully and easily well before entering to primary education.

Different Activities In Preschool

Taking into consideration child’s development, there are different areas that are dealt with in preschool. Teachers at preschool makes children learn to do their work by themselves. It enables them to develop individuality in them.

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Doing things by themselves also allows them to increase their thinking power and make their own decisions. They make children learn how to sit, stand, eat, talk and share things. They also teach children how to read and write. Some of the other activities include communication skills, number awareness, physical health, playing, team work, arts, and social skills.

Selecting The Best Preschool

Apart from knowing how important it is for toddlers to attend preschool. It is also important for parents to known certain factors which help in choosing the best preschool for their child. Firstly, it is essential for parents to make a thorough search of different preschools that are functioning and are not at a far of distance from their place. Secondly, parents have to enquire about pros and cons of those searched preschools from their friends, relatives and others. Third and lastly, it is essential to visit the selected preschool to observe the staff, teachers, premises, their habits, class size, timings and environment.

Bottom Line

Children who attend preschool feel themselves comfortable in kinder garden schools compared to those who do not. They can grasp and understand things easily and at a fast rate. It is therefore essential for toddlers to attend preschool not only for their educational development but also for their emotional, social and physical development.