Pregnancy And Fetal Development In 26 Weeks

Pregnancy And Fetal Development In 26 Weeks

Pregnancy And Fetal Development In 26 Weeks 26 weeks pregnant is a blessing for all motherhood. 26 weeks pregnancy falls under 2nd trimester i.e. approximately by mid of 6th month. During this time, all mothers will have a positive feeling about their newcomers and how to make them grow up. Several parenting classes are getting conducted and first time pregnant girls can utilize that. Let us see 26 weeks pregnant in detail.

Changes in 26 Weeks Pregnancy

Baby’s Growth

Baby’s length may be around 15 inches long and the recognition of black or blue or brown pupil difference can be seen as the baby is opening the eyes. Slowly the hearing tendency and the registering of events in the brain gets increased and it is consistent towards the end of 7th month.

It is proved that modern generation babies recognize familiar voices after birth suddenly as they are getting practiced to hear parent’s words especially mother’s talking. Hence, it is well said by elders that mothers need to use positive talks and positive thoughts and that eventually help kids to get it after their birth. Air sacks i.e. Alveoli also getting developed by this week and it will grow for the next nine years. The membrane which is separating alveoli helps for breathing.

Mother’s Body Physical Changes

First time pregnant mothers will be over tensed during these weeks as their imaginative and extra worries during delivery gets increased. But thanks to that many antenatal classes are available that helps them to get their queries clarified then and there. Mostly girls worried out their enlargement of breasts, putting excess weight and unable to do their normal exercises.

Those classes help them to understand the physical changes that should occur in girl’s body and they are the necessitated one. Increase in Blood pressure is quite common and even swelling of legs also happen. Food pattern has to get changed accordingly. Pregnancy is both partner’s involvement and guys should take responsibility in taking care of their partners. One need to drink plenty of water or fluids.

Common Problems in 26 Weeks Pregnancy


Pregnancy And Fetal Development In 26 Weeks


With addition to increase in blood pressure, there are possibilities in sudden erratic increase in weight or blurred vision and abnormal swelling in feet and hand may be possible but it can be finely handled by the gynecologist.

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Increased Vaginal Discharge

As a common problem, there are possibilities of vaginal discharge, frequent urination, passing a little urine while sneezing or coughing. But they are all temporary. If the problem prolonged with itchy infections, continuous urine pass even in hot summer, then they should be handled with care by consulting gynecologist. Because itchy infections are having the positive result for group B streptococcus and it is harmful to baby.

Other Common Problems

Leg cramps, backache are the very common problems and all because of excess weight. Varicose veins, piles, and round ligament pain may also be caused. But without consulting one need not take any medicine in any stage of the week.


26 weeks lies in almost two-thirds of pregnancy period. Relaxation can be done by immersing the feet in warm water. One should avoid hard exercise but continue the walking and giving work to waist region in order to get vagina expanded easily during delivery time. Pranayama, meditation brings positive thoughts that is very much required for this stage. Taking 8 to 10 glasses of water is surely required though frequent urination is happening.

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