Popular Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipes

blood marry

If we talk about cocktails, one name that comes to our mind at the first instance is that of ‘Bloody Mary’. The drink has also earned the title of being the most complex cocktail in this world due to the intricate proportion of the ingredients that are involved in making it.

The most prominent ones being Vodka, tomato juice and strong flavours such as Worcestershire sauce, Tobasco sauce, piri piri sauce, olive oil, celery etc.

It is due to the popularity of this cocktail that there can be found variants of it across the globe. Across continents, there can be found various interesting concoctions of this classic cocktail. However, the classic recipe continues being the preference for many.

The Classic Bloody Mary Recipe


Ice cubes (as required)
Tomato Juice (1 quart)
Vodka (1 cup)
Worcestershire sauce (1 tbsp)
Fresh Lime Juice (1 tbsp)
Tabasco sauce (1/2 tsp)
Lime slices and Celery sticks (for garnish)

blood marry


In a cocktail shaker, put ice cubes and combine all the other ingredients except the garnishing materials. Give the shaker a nice shake, serve the drink in chilled cocktail glasses garnished with lime slices and celery sticks.

Some Simple yet Interesting Bloody Mary Concoctions

With time, chefs from all around the globe have invented some interesting concoctions of this famous cocktail. These concoctions involve some small changes in the preparation of the cocktail such that special flavours are infused in them. Take a look at some such easy concoctions of the famous Bloody Mary. Some might even call them the relatives of ‘Bloody Mary’:

The Bloody Maria

Just substitute Vodka in the classic recipe with Tequila and you get this interesting concoction of the Bloody Mary.

The Deadly Mary

A dash of gold tequila added to the classic Bloody Mary recipe.

The Virgin Mary

virgin merry

As the name suggests, ‘Bloody Mary’ sans alcohol gives you ‘the Virgin Mary’.

The Red Snapper

Replace Vodka in the classic recipe with Gin to get this interesting variation of the Bloody Mary.

Some Elaborate Bloody Mary Concoctions

Sangrita Bloody Mary


quart cans)
Fresh Orange Juice (2 2/3 cups)
Fresh Lemon Juice (2/3 cup)
Tabasco Sauce (Red or Green) (2 ½ tsps)
Worcestershire sauce (2 tsps)
Aquavit (Aalborg or Linie (as preferred)) (2 cups)
Celery stalks (for garnish)


In a cocktail shaker, combine the listed ingredients other than the celery stalks and give them a nice shake. Serve the resulting drink in chilled cocktail glasses garnished with celery stalks.

The ‘I’ve had a Bloody Bad day’ Bloody Mary


Vodka (2 ounces)
V8 Spicy Tomato Juice (as required)
Horseradish (1/2 tsp)
Garlic Salt (2 shakes)
Onion Powder (2 shakes)
Diced Jalapeno (1/4 portion)
Worcester Sauce (A few Drops)
Asparagus Spears (for garnish)


Combine all the listed ingredients in a cocktail shaker, however, just keep a check on the amount of jalapenos that you add, as you might not like your drink to be too spicy! Serve the drink garnished with celery stalks.

The Simply Hot Bloody Mary


Sliced Jalapenos (5 nos)
Vodka (1 bottle)
Ditka’s Thick and Spicy Mix (2 tsps)

blood marry


Marinate the vodka with the sliced jalapenos unrefrigerated overnight. Once the marination process is complete, top the vodka with Ditka’s thick and spicy mix. Refrigerate the prepared cocktail and serve chilled in cocktail glasses.

These are some of the prominent and elaborate variations of the classic Bloody Mary. Try them for your next get together and you would be all praises with your guests!