Perfect Make Up For Tanned Skin

Make Up For Tanned Skin

Make Up For Tanned Skin Some of us women are lucky enough to be blessed with beautiful tanned skin tone. No matter if you were born with it or got it artificially, the tan looks truly alluring and flattering in all ways.

However, for getting a picture perfect look for any skin type, the foremost requirement is creating a sync with makeup. You should be well versed with what sort of makeup actually accentuates your skin. Here is a complete guide on how to put on impeccable makeup on tanned skin.

Make Up For Tanned Skin

Conceal It The Right way

If you are a regular makeup user, then you must be knowing that the foremost step in makeup is making the skin tone even using a base. Finding the right base can be difficult as there are chances that you may opt for a color that looks far too flaky or whitish on your tanned skin. In order to escape this dilemma, always look for warm shades like undertone yellow. These undertone shades even out the skin texture while maintaining the actual skin tone. If your skin has marks, dab a concealer followed by foundation otherwise, you may apply a foundation directly.

Get The Right Blush

The trickiest part of makeup is to choose the right blush. While a perfect shade can accentuate your over all look, an erroneous shade can make you look no less than a clown.

Get The Right Blush

Owing to the resemblance to tanned skin tone, the most flattening shade is bronze. Applying bronze shade will magnify the glow leaving behind an intensely gorgeous look. Other subtle shades that you may choose are coral, peach and medium pink.

Adding Shades Of Eyeshadow

Your makeup is incomplete without the use of eyeshadows. With a huge range of available shades, the options seem countless. However, for tanned skin, the options restrict their range to brown, copper, corals, emerald, yellow, light pink and bronze. Experimenting with brighter hues can be disastrous for those who have tanned skin. However, you can always add a dash of golden glitters to highlight the entire look.

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Line Up With Eyeliners

The best part of eye make up for most of us would undeniably be the eyeliner. No matter what skin type you have, black kohl eyeliner is all that is needed for an impeccable look.

Line Up With Eyeliners

When we talk of tanned skin, the combination of black eyeliner and the skin tone seems even more deadly. Depending upon your eye size, you can play further with the liner using wing style, the sultry style or the artistic V style.

Let The Lips Speak Up

Fuchsia, bold red and hot pinks are a big no when we talk of lip colors for tanned skin. Use lip colors and stains which are one shade darker than your natural lip color. For a dramatic look, shades like brown, bronze, deep plum and chocolate fit the best. As an alternative, you can always rely on nude shades. Go for the best nude lip color you have in your vanity kit and dazzle it up with a dash of transparent lip-gloss.