Parenting Tips For Parents With ADHD

parenting with adhd

Families dealing with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder encounter innumerable challenges every day. For parents with ADHD, parenting a child with ADHD becomes all the more complicated task to handle.

parenting with adhd

It seems next to impossible to teach a task to the child with ADHD like organizing your space, when parents themselves are struggling over their organizational skills. But like, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, there is a solution for every problem.

Parenting Strategies for Parents with ADHD

Know your Challenges and Find Solutions

For children with ADHD, it is usually not possible for child to complete home assignments as they lack long lasting mental energy. Even ADHD parents after full day exhaustion cannot manage it. So school authorities need to be informed to make arrangements so that the assignment is done by the child during school hours only, when the child’s focus and mental health is well structured.

Work Together for Creative Ideas

Involve your child for tips, regarding rewards on good performance and ways, to make sure chores are performed correctly.

parents with adhd

Put reminders on favorite places of yours as well as that of the child and see who won at the end of each day. These reinforcement tactics work best with child of all ages and parents with ADHD.

Use visual Signs and be Consistent

Visual cues are known to be very effective for people with ADHD. Make poster sized rule list with steps to follow them. In case, the child forgets the rule, remind with hand signals, making it a more playful learning event. Be structured, consistent in behavior and have set routine to lessen the stress on you and the child.

Keep lesser Expectations and Explain those Beforehand

ADHD parents and children take more time to understand and imbibe things fully. Before moving out, inform positively about the way the child needs to act in public place. Try ignoring small mistakes that do not harm or disrespect anyone, after all the child is meant to be childish.

Take Regular Breaks

Have regular breaks from routine life by having stress free time, while child could be taken care by grandparents or close relatives for that day. Ensure to have proper treatment for yourself too and adequate sleep to handle the daily stress. The child also gets a chance to learn on his/her own during this time.

Praise the Child

Parents With Adhd

As often as possible, try praising the child, even if it is just for a small regular task. In case you scold them for huge mistakes, ensure you praise them six times more to make them feel deserving and more loved.

Help from Specialists

Take parenting help from mental health professionals of ADHD and share them the success and failures that you encounter as a parent. The guidance will assist you to move in the right direction.

Have fun Together and Enjoy the Moments

Applaud yourself for the job that you have been doing and have fun times with kids. Let them lead the family, in fun games and enjoy the parenting role. They may mimic or fun over you, just take that on a lighter note and have a relaxing time. With exhaustive parenting all throughout, you as a parent, is the best judge of style that suits both you and your family. Follow your instincts and take the charge.