Pain In Breasts During Pregnancy

Pain In Breasts During Pregnancy

Pain In Breasts During Pregnancy Being a mother is one of the most proudest and memorable moment of woman’s life. Only a mother can explain how it feels to carry a new life in her belly for 9 months, but giving life to a little baby is not so easy for any woman, as she has to go through lot of pain and tears and breast pain is one of them. Yes, you will experience breast pain during pregnancy, which is absolutely normal.

Actually, it is one of foremost symptoms of pregnancy and a sign to tell you that, your breasts are completely develop to produce milk for your baby. Most of the pain and discomfort occurs due to fluctuation of hormones but, you can always reduce the pain of breasts during pregnancy by having some effective knowledge.

Breast Pain During Pregnancy

First Quarter Of Pregnancy

In the first period of your pregnancy, your breasts will become more sensitive than ever and your estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the sensitiveness of your breasts. This tenderness usually occurs 2-3 weeks after the conception. When you feel that your breasts have become tenderer then you should know that, your breasts are producing milk for your baby. Remember, the milk in your breasts will start enhancing as soon as you get pregnant which is quite painful.

Second Quarter Of Pregnancy

In the second quarter of pregnancy, you will experience that the size of your breasts has increased to some extent; don’t get scared because it is totally natural and likely to happen in pregnancy. This is the time when your breasts will start producing and storing milk as well as extra fats for your baby. There is also good news for you that, the pain you were having in breasts in the first period will reduce in the second quarter of pregnancy.

Third Quarter Of Pregnancy

As you come in the final stage of being pregnant, you get familiar with lots of physical changes and your body prepares itself to deliver a baby. In this period, you will again experience pain and tenderness of breasts as you were having in the first period. This happens because your body produces new hormones and prolactin, which enables milk that presents in your breasts to produce colostrum.

Breast pain

Colostrum is very important because, it is the first liquid that your breasts will produce before your milk comes out while breastfeeding your baby. In this period, your breasts will become heavier.

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Other Things You Should Know

During pregnancy, your nipples will become more sensitive and they may give you some trouble which is also natural. Also, if you find blue veins on your breasts then don’t get scared; it is a sign that your baby is getting is getting nutrients and fluids from you.

Precautions You Should Take To Avoid Breast Sensitiveness

It is true that you cannot avoid of having breasts tenderness at all but, you can take several precautions to reduce its pain. Always keep in mind:

1. Use a good bra that will support your breasts. Size of your breasts will increase during pregnancy so; you need proper fitting bra    that will ease the tenderness of your breasts.

2. Make sure that your partner is careful while making love or caressing your breasts.

3. Do not wash your breasts with rough clothes; it will only make the condition of tenderness worse.