Nutritious And Tasty Vegetarian Recipe

Nutritious And Tasty Vegetarian Recipe

Nutritious And Tasty Vegetarian Recipe  Vegetarians have to be extra cautious about the nutritional quotient in their diet. They should maintain a balanced meal consisting of essential vitamins, minerals like iron and calcium, proteins, zinc, magnesium etc. to prevent dietary deficiencies.

Vegetarian food offers plenty of nutrients in different types of vegetables, fruits, herbs and nuts plus you can obtain the required amount of calcium from dairy products in form of milk, yogurt and cottage cheese.

The given recipe of Methi Matar Malai is an ideal dish for vegetarians who want to maintain their haemoglobin level to cure anaemia. This is an iron and protein rich recipe and tastes yummy. In this recipe the combination of fresh fenugreek and peas with white sauce sets it apart from the more common pea or fenugreek recipes.

Fresh fenugreek has an appetising aroma and it stimulates appetite. Fenugreek has high fibre content and it helps to cure constipation. Methi is low in calorie and it helps to lose weight. It is recommended for diabetic patients as it effectively controls the blood sugar level. Fenugreek diet is given in post natal period for cleansing of the uterus and during lactation period.

Methi is a natural blood purifier and is used in beauty therapy to cure skin problems. It also prevents hair loss and is used in hair packs to remove dandruff and to increase hair growth.

Peas belong to the legume family and are eaten in fresh and dried form. They have a rich source of proteins, iron, phosphorous, manganese, magnesium and vitamin C, vitamin K and carotene. Green peas improve bone health and are energy booster. Peas are low in fat and high in protein thus it is a perfect body building food.

Fresh peas are available almost all through the year. While buying fresh peas choose the ones that are firm and have a glossy green colour. If fresh peas are not available then frozen peas are as good as fresh.

How To Make Methi Matar Malai?


Fresh Fenugreek (Methi) – 120 grams
Shelled Peas (matar) -120 grams
Milk- 250 ml.
Grated Cheese-60 grams (optional)
Refined Flour- 1 tea spoon
Fresh Cream (malai) – 1 table spoon
Green Chilli- 2 piece (ground to paste)
Butter- 1 tea spoon
Salt to taste


1. Finely chop methi leaves and wash it thoroughly. Fill a vessel with water and put peas and methi leaves in it. Keep it on fire to boil with ½ tea spoon salt.

2. Cook till the peas are tender. Strain the water and lightly squeeze the vegetables to remove excess water.

3. Heat butter in a large pan. Add the flour and fry for 1-2 minutes. Pour milk in it and keep stirring to avoid lumps.

4. Boil the mixture till it acquires a thick consistency. Stir in cheese and mix well. Add green chilli paste and salt.

5. Add methi and peas and simmer for 2-3 minutes.

6. Transfer the vegetable in a serving dish and serve hot with lachcha parantha or tandoori rotis.


To reduce the calories of this dish, you can substitute cheese with cottage cheese that is prepared with low fat milk.