Nine Symptoms Of Late Pregnancy

late pregnancy symptoms

late pregnancy symptoms Pregnancy is certainly one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. There are some specific signs of every stage of pregnancy; however it can differ according to the body type of a woman. As the baby grows in the womb, the symptoms of pregnancy also show a lot of changes. In the last stage of the pregnancy, women undergo a lot of changes and sometimes, face problems as well.

Some of the Most Common Symptoms of Late Pregnancy


Insomnia refers to the problem of being unable to sleep. Sometimes, this problem arises due to exhaustion while some may face it even when completely fine. For this, you can do some mild exercises in the morning time. Apart from this, you should also avoid caffeine in late evening and take a glass of warm milk before going to bed.

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms of late pregnancy. Some women may find it tolerable, but some may also experience severe pain. To reduce this pain, you may use warm compress or take warm water bath.

Leg Cramps

Leg cramps or pain in the legs is generally experienced by pregnant women in the later stage of pregnancy. For reducing leg cramps during pregnancy, you can do stretching before going to bed.

leg cramps

This problem can be severe in cases where pregnant woman has nutritional deficiencies like lack of potassium in her body.

Shortness of Breath

In the late stage of pregnancy, women face problem of shortness of breath. It is caused because the growth of the baby is at its maximum in this stage. Due to the growth of the baby, the diaphragm of the pregnant women is compressed which leaves less space for her to breathe. This problem can also be reduced to a large extent by trying some mild stretching exercises. Reclining on an arm chair can also help some women.

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As the baby grows inside the womb, the woman feels more exhausted. The growth of the baby requires a lot of energy of the pregnant woman. For this, the best option is to take a short nap whenever you feel sleepy.

Heartburn, Belching and Gas


Heartburn, belching and gas are the symptoms of the healthy growth of the baby. All these can be reduced to a large extent by taking a warm glass of milk with honey before going to bed. Apart from this, you can also take some advice from your health consultant.


It increases in the late stage of pregnancy and women feel it more while awake. To reduce this, one can take short naps or warm water baths.

Pubic Bone Pain

This pain sometimes becomes so severe for some women that it feels like both the legs being pulled sideways.

Urinary Frequency and Pressure

It is a sign that baby has come down to the pelvis and is ready to be born. Activities like swimming or spending time in water can help to reduce pelvic tilts.

So, you should be prepared for these symptoms in the late stage of pregnancy. However, if you face any kind of severe complications in the late stage of pregnancy, you must consult your doctor.