14 New Hairstyles For Boys

New Hairstyles For Boys

Hair matters a lot when it comes to the development of one’s persona. The hair of a person makes them look themselves, that is, they give one their own unique look. So, when it comes to getting the right kind of hair style, it must be according to the fashion and must suit you perfectly.

Your hairdresser can well guide you as to what kind of hair style and hair texture will suit you the best. Although, you may wish for a specific kind of hair style, but listening to an expert for an advice is a wise thing to do. The list of different hairstyles for any length of hair is quite long in case of girls and each style possesses unique qualities. Varieties of unique hairstyles for boys are also not less in number. Each day comes with a unique idea for styling the hair in some different and innovative ways. Hairstyling in case of boys is also quite easy. Moreover, they can be usually done by one self at home.

New Hairstyles For Boys

Check out some of the famous and new hairstyles for boys which are given as follows.

Messy Hairstyles

In the year 2012, messy kinds of hairstyles for boys have occupied quite big place amongst other hair styling ideas. Hair with uneven edges can be great for giving them a messy look. This style is quite suitable for short hair.

Messy Hairstyles

Wet look

Giving a wet look to your messy hair would also make a great style.

Wet look Hairstyle

Wild And Crazy

Getting your hair styled wild and crazy is also in fashion. If it seems suitable on your personality, you can get some colors for your hair too. Choosing the right color for your hair can be done perfectly if the help of some expert is taken.

Wild And Crazy Hairstyle

Side Sweep

Brushing all your front hair (which I may call bangs but not in the case of guys) to one side is an excellent one amongst new hairstyles for boys. Not just for boys, but many men also follow the side sweep trend for their hair.

Side Sweep Hairstyle

The Buzz Cut

Here is another hairstyle for boys with short hair. Buzz cut has been the favorite of many since few years and even till today it is being followed by many boys and men. Many male celebrities too possess the buzz cut.

Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Short Spiky Hair

Short hairstyles that are generally accompanied with short spikes are quite popular. Giving such kind of style to the hair can provide you masculine and athletic looks. But a good care for short hair is necessary. Cutting them regularly is important so that they do not become hard to shape or go out of the shape.

Short Spiky Hair

Long Layers

Getting long layer cut for your medium hair can give you the most elegant and cool looks. The layers are usually swept forward on your face, and from bottom, the bangs are rounded silhouette.

Long Layers Hairstyle

Military Hair With Buzzed Sides

When one hears about military haircut, well it never sounds good. But here is something unique and innovative. Military hair style with buzzed sides is going to give you sharp and cool looks.

Military Hairstyle

Curls And Waves

Now here comes a styling idea for men who love to keep long hair. Curls and waves flowing freely can do the work.

Curls And Waves Hairstyle

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Beachy Hair Style

Here is another hair styling method for men with long hair. Beachy hair style involves having hair of the length up till the chin and having the bottom of the hair chipped, with light layering and texturing.

Beachy Hair Style

Layers For Thick Hair

If you have thick hair, take it as a blessing and grow them to show off its elegancy. Layers would make a great hairstyle for long and thick hairs.

Layers For Thick Hair

Styling Your Wavy Hair

Waves in the hair can be styled by giving them shaggy looks. Long, wavy and shaggy hair can also be accompanied with long hanging bangs, swept to a side.

Styling Your Wavy Hair

Straight Formal Hair

Straight hair of bit long length can be given formal looks by keeping the back length up till the collar, and the sides and front hair cut to contour the face and fall all over it. This is going to provide you quite formal and soft looks.

Straight Formal Hair


Long straight bangs, with layers, swept to a side or simply centered, is great and a new one amongst hair styling ideas for men and boys. For those who hair have curly or wavy hair, a flat iron can be used for bangs.

Bangs Hairstyle