Natural Ways To Treat Gastric Problems In Infants

Natural Ways To Treat Gastric Problems In Infants

Natural Ways To Treat Gastric Problems In Infants Gastric problems a.k.a. Acid Reflux is quite a prevalent problem that can be found in infants. However, medications and drugs are not the ideal way to treat the problem among babies.

These can very well leave back adverse effects on the health of the child and also prove to be quite harsh on their bodies. The severity of the problem will totally vary from one infant to another and totally depend upon how their bodies react to certain foods and liquids. Researches show that in many of the infants the problem lasts only for as short as 2-3 days and in quite a few it might elongates to approximately a week or so.

Natural treatments and home remedies are the best substitutes to medicines when it comes to acid reflux in children. Not only are the totally safe but very effectual as well as free from all side effects. Gastric problems can a lot of times lead to serious issues like diarrhea in the infant. You may even notice infants crying continuously when they are suffering from such an ailment. Therefore, it is the top priority of the parent to get rid of acid reflux as soon as possible. Here is a simple guide that will make you aware of the various grandma’s recipes and home remedies to cue gastric issues in infants-

Natural Treatments for Gastric Problems In Infants

Natural Solutions through Feeding

Feeding is one of the major processes if not followed properly can lead to severe gastric issues in infants. To cure the gas problem, or in simple words prevent it from occurring, make use of a well-suited feeding bottle. There are certain kinds of bottles and nipples that allow the infant to take in a lot of air in the body thus leading to gas. If you find your baby suffering from gastric problems on quite a consistent basis, then the problem might lie in the feeding bottle. A change in the kind of bottle used for feeding can make a lot of difference.

Along with this another factor that a parent should keep in mind is the angle of the bottle while feeding the child. The secret is to hold your baby at a 45 degree angle and the bottle in such a way that they do not swallow much air. Overfeeding is one thing that should be strictly avoided. These simple steps will treat the infant’s gas naturally and without hassle.

The Magic of Burping!

Making the child burp just immediately after feeding is one of the ideal treatments to keep them away from gastric issues. However, it is imperative to make them burp in between feeding as well. This will make sure, that they digest the food as soon as they consume it and there is no room for air. One of the indications that the child is ready for burping is when they take a break while drinking milk.

The best way to make the infant burp is to take them on the shoulder and slowly pat them on their back. Rubbing can also help that will quickly result in burping. This is one of the most effective natural treatments for gastric problems in children.

Massage from Asafetida and Coconut oil

A very effective remedy that can be easily prepared at home where infant’s gastric problems are concerned is the mixture of a teaspoon of Asafetida and warm coconut oil. Use this blend to massage the abdomen of your baby. This will greatly reduce the pains and cramps and relieve the child by passing out the gas.

Natural Ways To Treat Gastric Problems In Infants

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Another way to treat gas is to mix a dash of asafetida in any oil and place some of this liquid in the belly button of the child. Make sure you keep it covered with a piece of cloth to get visible results.  This will definitely relax your child from gas and acid issues and provide instant relief.

Baby Oil Massage

Another home cure for gastric issues in infants is to use some baby oil to gently massage the abdomen and stomach areas. Clockwise movement is advisable when it comes to this kind of therapy. The infant’s leg can also be moved in the form of a bicycle to release gas from the stomach. These are two of the simple cures that are not only safe but very efficient.

Tea Made from Bay Leaf

An ideal way to treat the problem of gas in infants is the use of bay leaf tea. A glass of plain water, a bay leaf and 3-5 minutes is all you need to prepare this home remedy. Boil the bay leaf in the plain water for the amount of time mentioned. A dash of sugar can also be added to give a little taste to the child. But make sure it completely dissolves in the liquid. Now cool down this mixture to a normal room temperature and feed the baby 1-2 oz whenever they suffer from gastric ailments. This will definitely help you a long way in getting freedom from the problem.

Avoid Foods That Cause Gas

One of the major reasons for the occurrence of gas in infants is the consumption of certain kinds of foods. Now here it will totally differ from one infant to another. Therefore, as a parent it is your responsibility to keep a track of what suits your child the best and what causes gas. Once you know which foods react, avoid giving it to the child at any cost. This will definitely help in preventing the problem.

The Cure Through Breast Milk

Breast milk is one of those foods that will greatly enhance the digestive capacity of the infant. Therefore, adhering to breast milk at least during the first couple of months will help the child in keeping the gastric issues away. Breast milk also has a lot of other advantages attached to it. So start this remedy instantly!

Mixing a Little Rice Cereal With Baby Powder

Rice cereal mixed with the milk formula used for babies is an easy cure to gastric problems. Make sure only one tablespoon of the cereal is added to 2 ounces of milk formula.