12 Natural Treatments To Regulate Menstruation

Natural Treatments To Regulate Menstruation

One of the prevalent problems among women is the irregular periods or menstrual cycle. Delayed menstruation can lead to a lot of issues for women and can also affect their overall health. Since menstrual cycle is a natural process that happens after every 28 days, irregularities might affect the functioning of the body.

A lot of women might suffer from symptoms like irritation, headache, cramps, depression, and soreness in breasts and swelling in the genital areas just before the cycle. Inconsistent periods are something that might be a cause of worry. Professional help is the first thing that one should opt for. Consult a gynecologist for this kind of health ailment.

Irregular periods can only be caused by the improper secretion of hormones in the body. Where regulation of menstruation is concerned, one can also look forward to some effective natural treatments and home remedies. These are 100 percent safe and effectual as well as free from all kinds of side effects. These grandma’s recipes and therapies will not only make the cycle regular but also strengthen your periods and get you rid of the symptoms that you might be facing just before it starts. Here is a simple guide that lists down all the remedies you can prepare at home. Researches show that they have been very efficient in treating the problem.

Natural Remedies to Regularize Periods

A Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet For Regulate Menstruation

To keep the body functions normal especially menstruation where women are concerned, a balanced diet is very imperative. Green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, juices and nuts plays a very significant role here. Along with this it is important to maintain the intake of three large meals every day that are full of nutrients and provide you with the required quantity of the same. Make sure you also adhere to small quantities of food in between the larger ones to fill in the gap. This will make sure that you do not lack any nutrients.

Drink Abundant Water

Water is one magical potion that is a remedy for most of the health ailments. 10-15 glasses of water everyday keeps the body clean from toxins and impurities as well as regulate the functioning of the body and improve blood circulation. This in turn will help you in regularizing periods in case you are suffering from this issue. So make sure you drink plenty of water on a consistent basis!

Drink Abundant Water

Avoid Alcohol and Smoke

Smoking and consuming alcohol are two of those habits that can really trigger the problem and might escalate to a serious level. It also hinders the menstruation cycle according to many researches. A lot of professionals also believe that excessive smoking and alcohol can also have a bad impact on fertility of a woman. Therefore, try and keep away from both of these especially if you are suffering from irregularity of periods. This will not only prevent but also treat the issue to a great extent.

Avoid Alcohol and Smoke

Limit Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is another form of drink that can really heighten the problem of irregularities in periods. Try and avoid tea and coffee as well as energy drinks as much as possible. This will only help you in maintaining good health and normal body functioning.

Along with this refined foods like refined sugar, refined flour and rice should be kept away from. Salt intake should be totally limited during the time of the cycle.

Limit Caffeine Intake For Regulate Menstruation

Meditation and Exercise

These healthy habits will make you stress free and relax your senses which in turn will trigger the proper secretion of the hormones in the body. Consistent meditation for at least 45-60 minutes everyday will get you freedom from the problem of irregular periods. Walking, jogging and light exercises are some of the other ways to achieve your goal without much hassle.

Meditation and Exercise

Home Remedies for Consistent Periods

Benefit of Asafetida

All you have to do in fry a dash of asafetida in a little of clarified butter and use a teaspoon of the same to mix in with a glass of buttermilk. Now have this liquid once everyday until the problem totally subsides. Remember, that a home remedy can only be effective if followed regularly without skipping.

Asafetida For Consistent Periods

Fennel seeds wonder!

Fennel seeds a.k.a. saunf is one of the best food items available on the kitchen racks that can cure the problem of inconsistent menstruation. Try and eat saunf whenever possible. You can eat it as many times as you want to in the entire day. You can even soak 1-2 teaspoons of fennel seeds in water overnight and strain and drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach. This is another way of extracting the benefit of this natural product.

Fennel seeds For Consistent Periods

Fig Bisque

Take some fresh roots of fig and boil it with a cup of water. Now strain the liquid and let it cool down. Drink a cup of this fig bisque everyday for a couple of weeks to see how well it helps in curing the issue of periods that you are facing.

Fig Bisque For Consistent Periods

Carrot Juice or Vegetable Juice with Parsley

Combine a glass of freshly extracted carrot juice or vegetable juice with some parsley leaves and drink it on a daily basis to get good riddance of irregularity and other unhealthy symptoms of periods.

Raw Carrots can also be consumed everyday to boost the proper functioning of the hormones thus giving a good solution to the health problem of unbalanced menstruation.

Carrot Juice Or Vegetable Juice For Consistent Periods

Raw Papaya

Include raw and unripe papaya in your diet in any form that you like. This is very beneficial in treating unstable conditions of menstruation. Some other vegetables that are helpful for the same are bitter gourd, drumstick, white pumpkin and snake gourd.

Raw Papaya For Consistent Periods

Aloe Vera Juice

Fresh Aloe Vera juice in the quantity of 30 ml everyday can really help in simplifying the problem of irregular periods.

Aloe Vera Juice For Consistent Periods


A dash of ginger with a little of sugar is a very effective home treatment for getting freedom from the health issue in a trouble free manner. Follow these simple natural treatments and home remedies to blissfully get a cure to the problems of incoherent menstruation and live a healthier lifestyle!

Gingering For Consistent Periods