Natural Treatment For Leucorrhea


Leucorrhea Leucorrhoea is a term used to medically describe a thick vaginal discharge usually yellow or white in colour. There are several medical and biological factors that may cause leucorrhoea with estrogen imbalance being the most dominant factor while infection in the vagina may also result in increasing discharge.

Leucorrhoea is not a permanent state and may disappear from the female body at one time and reappear after some time, especially during pregnancy and during hormonal changes or menstruation. Medically the various forms of leucorrhoea have different names the most common ones being ‘physiologic’ leucorrhoea caused by estrogen stimulation, and ‘inflammatory’ leucorrhoea which is a form of mucosa getting congested in the vagina.

In acute cases adequate medical attention is recommended as it may often lead to serious diseases, like STD. However, there are certain natural remedies that effectively help in curbing the medical state. Some of these remedies include:

Five Natural Treatment For Leucorrhea

Lady Finger

A proper diet can help in reducing leucorrhoea. To start with take about 100-120gms of ladies fingers and cut them transversely, so that the seeds do not disperse. In a litre of hot water add the ladies finger and boil for almost 15-20 minutes.

Lady Finger

Leave it aside for about 10 minutes after which add 1-2 tablespoon of natural honey to this collected water. In a lukewarm state, 60-90ml of this liquid can be drunk regularly to lessen leucorrhoea.

Coriander And Fenugreek Seeds

Another natural remedy is by preparing a decoction of coriander seeds to be taken in an empty stomach, preferably early in the morning. To prepare the solution, about 3-4 tablespoons of coriander seeds should be soaked for roughly 6 hours in a cup of water. The water gradually changes its colour to yellowish. The solution can be strained and then consumed directly.


It is recommended that if detected in the earlier stages, this routine should be followed for 14 days in a row to get the desired results. Moreover, this solution can also be taken during menstruation. A similar douche can be prepared of fenugreek seeds by taking about 2-3 tablespoons of the seed and boiling it for almost 30 minutes in a litre of water. It can be drunk when cold for a period of 30 days depending on the severity.

Gooseberry Powder

A very powerful remedy for curing leucorrhoea is the Indian gooseberry powder or ‘amla’. A light mixture can be prepared by mixing 3-5gms of the powder with about 6-7gms of natural honey.

Gooseberry Powder

Here again, in the initial stages this should be taken once in fourteen days for gradual improvement, but in severe or repetitive cases can be taken twice daily for a continued period of 30 days. Alternatively, it can be taken as a tonic, by mixing about 20-25gms of gooseberry powder with half or one teaspoon of natural honey.

Lemon Juice And Mango

To be used externally only for cleaning and soothing the area, a mixture can be made out of the pulp of a ripe mango, a lemon and a few tablespoons of water. This mixture can then be applied on the area in and around the vagina.

Lemon Juice

The juices from the mixture help in soothing the mucous membrane walls as lemon has properties of an astringent. On the other hand, for internal consumption lemon juice can be taken with water on an empty stomach at the start of everyday.

Guava Leaves

Leucorrhoea can also be reduced by guava leaves. Guava leaves are known for their antiseptic qualities. A simple solution can be prepared by taking a handful of fresh guava leaves and boiling it on low flame it in a litre of water.

Guava Leaves

Keep boiling till the volume reduces to half the original and then allow it to cool. On cooling this infusion can be used as a powerful astringent for the affected vaginal area.

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