6 Natural Cures For Stomach Cancer

Natural Cure To Stomach Cancer

Stomach or gastric cancer is due to the proliferation of tumour cells in the lining and the wall of the stomach. This kind of cancer is difficult to detect at an early stage as symptoms of cancer usually occur at a very later stage. When detected early this is potentially easy to cure but as the diagnosis is usually made at an advanced stage extreme treatment methods like surgery must be used.

It is imperative to treat the cancer in time as it may cause complications like extreme pain and the spreading of the disease to another part of the body known as metastasis. Gastrectomy and chemotherapy are the most commonly employed treatments for stomach cancer. Both these treatments have various embarrassing and dangerous side effects. Hence the naturopathy route is being explored by patients today. There are many herbal and alternative remedies for stomach cancer.

Best Effective Cures For Stomach Cancer Naturally


whole grains

It is highly recommended that people suffering from stomach cancer avoid eating refined starches present in white breads, and most breakfast cereals. Also sugary foods like cakes, candies and cookies must be avoided. Consuming too much red meat of fatty foods will lead to aggravating the condition and feeding the cancer cells. White meats like chicken and fish are a better option for fulfilling the protein requirement of the patient. Fibre rich foods like whole grains, fruits, leafy vegetables and oatmeal are highly recommended as they help flush out the carcinogens and toxins from the stomach that contain the cancer.

Indian Gooseberry


Indian Gooseberry is also known as Amla. This is a very widely used herb, in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a variety of ailments. Ayurvedic practitioners use amla to treat a variety of stomach ailments including cancer. It has chemo preventive properties thus it inhibits the spread and dividing of the cancer cells in the gastric area. It also has anti carcinogenic properties. This herb is available easily as a fruit and can be consumed as a part of regular diet. Alternatively it is available in the pill, tincture or tea form in any store that sells herbal or natural products. This herb must be taken for at least four months to show any kind of visible effect.

Alternative Therapies


Many Alternative therapies have found immense success in treating Stomach Cancer. Meditation is used to improve the quality of life lived by cancer patients. The specific effects of meditation are unknown but it helps in accelerating the remission of cancer. Psychotherapy also works in a similar fashion improving the kind of life lived by the cancer patient and reducing stressors and deals with the symptoms of the disease and makes the person emotionally and mentally strong to face the situation.

Yoga is an ancient way of relaxation, healing and exercise that originated in ancient India. These techniques can be used in cancer patients to decrease stress and promote relaxation. There is a change in the cell structure of the tumour cells after practising yoga. Acupuncture can be effectively used to reduce the pain and reduce discomfort caused due to the stomach cancer. Various herbal combinations can also be taken from herbalists that help in treating stomach cancer.


milk products

Probiotics or good bacteria help in maintaining the proper functioning of the intestinal tract and digestive system. They are also responsible for keeping the harmful flora in the intestinal tract and the stomach under control. Fermented milk products are the natural and most easily available sources of probiotics. These are also available in the form of supplements of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in the market. These supplements are also responsible to keep away the cancer cells and stop the formation of new tumours.



Aloe vera is a plant whose gel has been used for many years to treat skin infection, wounds, burns and other skin conditions. This can also cause regression of cancer causing tumours. Latex of the Aloe vera plant is dried and used as a laxative that can be consumed orally. Aloe vera juice is readily available in the market. Aloe is also useful to maintain the general health of the stomach and increasing the immunity thus helping to fight off the stomach cancer.


Omega 3 fatty acids

Various supplements can be taken to boost the immunity, reduce the inflammation and pain associated with stomach cancer. Vitamin and Antioxidants help increase the immunity and maintain the system functioning properly. Arginine, Omega 3 fatty acids, and glutamine are also used either singly or combinations to boost the immune system and reduce the tumour size and prevent the formation of new tumour cells. Amino Acid supplements also aid in recovery, reduce pain, aid in digestion and maintain general health.